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The new Wet and Forget Hose End makes outdoor cleaning quick and easy. The much-awaited hose end was designed with a proprietary nozzle for higher reach and more coverage per bottle. It attaches directly to your hose & sprays up to 30 feet, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas. Treat an entire house, roof, driveway, or deck in minutes! Simply spray it on and forget it!

  • Sprays up to 30 Feet
  • Up to 2,000 Square Feet Coverage per Bottle
  • Easy Spray and Leave Outdoor Cleaner—No Rinsing or Scrubbing!
  • Treat Large Areas and High Elevations in Minutes!
  • Non-Acidic, No Bleach and No Phosphates
  • Non Refillable Container
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Proprietary Sniper Nozzle for Superior Performance

The proprietary snipper nozzle was developed to simplify some of the toughest outdoor cleaning tasks. We've made it easy to treat large areas in minutes. Roof cleaning can be accomplished with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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See Wet & Forget Hose End in Action

Wet and Forget Hose End makes cleaning large surfaces an effortless task. Simply attach to your garden hose, spray the surface, and forget it. Wet & Forget does the rest. Check out our video highlighting how quickly you can clean high elevations. We also demonstrate how a large stamped concrete driveway can be treated in less than 2 minutes with 1 bottle of hose end!

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Wipe out stubborn moss on your roof with Wet & Forget Hose End.

Where Can I Use Wet & Forget Hose End?

You can use it on virtually any outdoor surface. It’s ideal for use on larger surfaces and hard to reach elevations. Simply spray & walk away.

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Benefits of using Wet & Forget Hose-End Sprayer
  • Sprays up to 30 Feet for Hard-To-Reach Areas Like Second Story Siding or Roofs.
  • Up to 2,000 Square Feet Coverage per Bottle.
  • Easy Spray and Leave Outdoor Cleaner- No Rinsing or Scrubbing.
  • Treat Large Areas and High Elevations in Minutes.
  • Non-Acidic, No Bleach and No Phosphates.
  • No Rinsing, No Scrubbing and No Power Washing.
  • Proprietary Hose End for Easier, Better, Faster Outdoor Cleaning.
  • Safe For Use On Any Outdoor Surface, Ideal for Large Surfaces or High Elevations.
  • Surfaces Stay Moss, Mold and Mildew Free 1+ Years in Most Cases.
  • Works with the Wind and Rain to Gently Clean Mold and Mildew Over Time.
  • Unlimited Shelf Life.
  • Not for Sale in California.
  • Non Refillable Container.

Application & Tips

  • Hose End Sprayer Instructions:
  • The Dial on the hose end has the following settings:
  • 'WATER' - only water will flow through the hose end
  • 'ON' - mixes the product with water from the spigot and dispenses the product through the hose end
  • 'OFF' - nothing will flow through the hose end
  • Step 1: Connect hose end to your garden hose.
  • Step 2: Choose the best tip for your specific application.
    • Your hose end has a removable tip for two different types of applications.
    • a. FLAT FAN: Best for general application and large surfaces at ground level.
    • b. JET SETTING: Best for distance and height.
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  • Step 3: Turn water spigot on.
  • Step 4: Point your hose end at the surface you are treating and turn dial to 'ON' and begin spraying in a side to side sweeping motion. If you are treating a vertical surface start at the top and move down the surface.
  • Step 5: Once you are finished, turn the dial to water and rinse off any over spray on plants or windows.
  • Step 6: Turn your water spigot off and let the fresh water run through your hose end to release the pressure.
  • Step 7: Remove the hose end from your garden hose.

NOTE: This hose end nozzle is NOT for use with other Wet & Forget products- NON REFILLABLE CONTAINER.


Apply Wet & Forget to a DRY outdoor surface until thoroughly saturated. Wet & Forget is best applied on overcast, dry conditions to avoid evaporation. Do not apply if rain is expected within 4-5 hours. A second application 1-2 months after the first, may also assist with treating persistent stains. Store and apply Wet & Forget hose end at temperatures above 55 degrees F. Coverage up to 2,000 sq. ft. depending upon porosity and amount of staining.

NOTE: Do not spray in windy conditions as this will reduce coverage and can increase spray drift onto plants.

REACTION TIME: Once treated with Wet & Forget the surface stains may take up to 6-12 months to come clean in the very worst case scenario. Repeat application once a year or when new stains appear.

PLAY EQUIPMENT: Do not allow children on play equipment if it has been treated with Wet & Forget, until the equipment has been washed down with fresh water a day after application.

PLANTS: Do not spray directly on to plants. Flush with fresh water if accidently sprayed. Wear protective eyewear, protective clothing and rubber gloves during application.

PETS: Keep animals off treated surfaces until product has dried. If contamination occurs, rinse animal's paws with fresh water to prevent animal licking.

Treatment must be performed at least 100 feet from any pond, lake, stream or river to prevent possible runoff into waterways. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Active Ingredients

Contains: Water, Benzyl Ammonium Chloride and Ethanol

Where To Use Wet & Forget Outdoor

Wet & Forget is non-acidic and contains no bleach; therefore it can be used on ANY outdoor surface material. Wet and Forget Hose End is recommended for large surfaces and high elevations. Some of the more popular surfaces include: Roofs, Siding, Decks, and Driveways.

Exterior Home Surfaces: Decks (All types), Driveways, Eaves, Gutters, Patios (All types), Roofs (All types), Shingles (All types), Siding (All types)

Lawn & Garden: Awnings, Fences (All types), Gazebos, Greenhouses, Pool Surrounds, Retaining Walls, Storage Units

Camping: Cabins, RVs

Other: AstroTurf, Basketball Courts, Log Homes, Monuments, Tennis Courts

Materials: Aluminum, Asphalt, Brick, Cement, Ceramic, Clay, Composite, Concrete, Dryvit/EIFS, Fabric, Fiberglass, Flagstone, Limestone, Marble, Metal, Natural, Painted, & Stained Wood, Painted Surfaces, Plastic, PVC, Rubber, Sandstone, Slate, Steel, Stone, Stucco, Teak, Textured Surfaces, Tiles, Tin, Vinyl

Commercial: Airports, Amusement Parks, Cemeteries, Freeways, Hospitals, Hotels & Motels, Parks, Public Buildings, Schools, Stadiums, Zoos...

and virtually any other surface you can think of!