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FAQs | Wet & Forget Hose End

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular questions people have asked.

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  • How long before you see results?

      It depends on the intensity of the contamination. If it is a lighter green growth, you will see results within 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, it may take 2-3 months to see improvement. In the very worst case scenario, where contamination is extreme, it may take 6-12 months to see results. The good news is when you use Wet & Forget next season you can start using it as a maintenance application, you will no longer have to wait for results.

  • How do I use the hose end sprayer?

      The Dial on the hose end has the following settings:
      'WATER' – only water will flow through the hose end
      'ON' – mixes the product with water from the spigot and dispenses the product through the hose end
      'OFF'– nothing will flow through the hose end

      Step 1: Connect hose end to your garden hose.
      Step 2: Choose the best tip for your specific application.
      Your hose end has a removable tip for two different types of applications.
      1. FLAT FAN: Best for general application and large surfaces at ground level.
      2. JET SETTING: Best for distance and height.

      Step 3: Turn water spigot on.
      Step 4: Point your hose end at the surface you are treating and turn dial to ‘ON' and begin spraying in a side to side sweeping motion. If you are treating a vertical surface start at the top and move down the surface.
      Step 5: Once you are finished, turn the dial to water and rinse off any over spray on plants or windows.
      Step 6: Turn your water spigot off and let the fresh water run through your hose end to release the pressure.
      Step 7: Remove the hose end from your garden hose.
      NOTE: This hose end nozzle is NOT for use with other Wet & Forget products- NON REFILLABLE CONTAINER.

  • When is the best time to apply Wet & Forget?

      Apply Wet & Forget on a cool, windless day, with no rain in the forecast for 4-5 hours after application. Usually, the evening or early morning is the best time to apply; when evaporation is minimal. You want the treated surface to stay wet long enough for the product to properly treat the surface. Apply Wet & Forget Hose End at any temperature above 55 degrees and below 80 degrees.

  • Can Wet & Forget be used to treat any outside surface?

      Yes, you can use Wet & Forget Hose End on any outdoor material. Clean brick, vinyl, asphalt, rubber or any other surface. The hose end product is best suited for large surfaces and high elevations. The hose end is ideal for quickly cleaning roofs, siding or large patios.

  • What distance can I expect from the hose end?

      The hose end can reach up to 30' vertical and 32' horizontal. Your home's water pressure will dictate the distance you can achieve.

  • What is the coverage area of Wet & Forget?

      The coverage of Wet & Forget depends on the porosity of the surface. For example, porous surfaces will readily absorb the product, and painted surfaces will use less product. On average you can expect 2,000 sq. ft. coverage from a 48oz. hose end container.

  • Will Wet & Forget affect my pets?

      Keep pets off the surface until it is dry to ensure they don't ingest any of the Wet & Forget. If they accidentally walk in the treated area while wet, rinse your pet's paws with fresh water as a precaution. Wet & Forget does not reactivate with rain therefore the surface is safe for pets after the first initial dry time.

  • Will Wet & Forget damage my plants?

      Do not spray Wet & Forget directly onto plants. Protect landscaping from overspray by rinsing with water before and after application or covering them during application. Turn your hose end setting to water after your application and rinse down plants.

  • I applied Wet & Forget to a concrete surface & it turned an orange-brown color. Is this normal?

      Yes, this is a normal and temporary color change that occurs on some concrete surfaces right after application. The color change indicates a good reaction between the organic growth and Wet & Forget. The color will disappear over time.

  • What is the shelf life of Wet & Forget?

      Wet & Forget Rapid Application Hose End has an unlimited shelf life.

  • Can I paint or stain over Wet & Forget?

      Once the surface is clean, you can paint or stain right over Wet & Forget. It's ideal for extending the life of the surface as it not only removes moss, mold, mildew, and algae, but also the surfactant action helps remove dirt and other residues. Spraying your house annually with Wet & Forget will extend the life of your paint.

  • How soon after application can we start painting?

      Thoroughly saturate the surface with Wet & Forget on a cool, dry day. Late in the day is best. Leave the growth to start decomposing for 2-3 weeks (the longer, the better). Once the surface has fully cleaned up, you can paint or stain the surface. If you would like to speed up the cleaning process, feel free to gently pressure wash the dead growth and left-over stains that the rain hasn't cleaned yet.

  • Can I use Wet & Forget on my pool surround?

      The hose end can be used on pool decks, it is best to avoid spraying directly into the pool water. Any overspray that does end up in the pool will not affect the pH levels.

  • Can I store Wet & Forget in a place where the temperature drops below 32 degrees?

      We do not recommend storing Wet & Forget in an area that could freeze or have temperatures below 55 degrees. The bottle could potentially crack if it freezes.

  • Will Wet & Forget harm the glass in my windows?

      No, Wet & Forget is a gentle product and will not etch the glass in windows. However, Wet & Forget may leave a residue on the glass. After application, turn your hose end to the water setting and rinse off any windows that have overspray. You can also wash the windows with glass cleaner to remove any residue.

  • What's the difference between Wet & Forget Hose End and Wet & Forget concentrate?

      Wet & Forget Hose End should be used on large surfaces and high areas such as roofs and 2 story homes. Wet & Forget Hose End can reach up to 30 feet vertically, making it perfect for use on areas that many times require a ladder. Keep your feet steady on the ground with Wet & Forget Hose End. Wet & Forget concentrate should be used on medium size surfaces such as retaining walls, tombstones or sidewalks to control over spray onto other surfaces.

  • What's the difference between Wet & Forget Hose End and Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use?

      Wet & Forget Hose End should be used to treat large surfaces and high elevations. Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use should be used on small surfaces such as a planter, steps, or patio umbrellas. Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use is premixed with water and comes with a hand sprayer to apply to small surfaces.

  • What type of hose is compatible with Wet & Forget Hose End?

      Any standard US garden hose will work with the Wet & Forget nozzle. If you have the quick connector it will need to be removed prior to attaching the hose end.

  • When should I use the fan application tip?

      The ‘FLAT FAN SETTING' is best for general application and large surfaces at ground level. If you have a large patio, driveway, tennis court or pool deck you can treat the area quickly with the wide fan spray.

  • When should I use the jet tip?

      The ‘JET SETTING' is best for distance and height. If are cleaning a roof or trying to reach a two story chimney you will need the ‘JET SETTING'.