Life's Dirty. Clean Easy.

Wet & Forget, making life easier and cleaning smarter.

Life's busy. We hear you. That's why the entire line of Wet & Forget products were developed with you in mind.
Our products are easy to use, and they do the cleaning for you. Simply apply the products and get back to living.

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Wet & Forget products simplify cleaning with spray and leave, spray and rinse, or spray and wipe applications. We’ve eliminated the time commitment, scrubbing, and harsh chemicals associated with conventional cleaning products.

Outdoor cleaning used to take your entire weekend; now it can be done during halftime or before breakfast. Shower cleaning is no longer a daily chore, it only requires a few minutes, once a week.


We’ve designed our smart bottles and sprayers to allow for faster, more thorough coverage. Turn the triggers any angle without disrupted product flow. Triggers and proprietary nozzles reach extreme heights so you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Our products are packaged in economical sizes or concentrate, and most have an unlimited shelf life.

We’ve tried to think of everything for a smart clean.


What are the results of products this smart and easy?

Our products deliver superior results and an extended clean. But don’t take our word for it, head over to Facebook and check out our reviews. See what others have to say, we think you’ll like what you see and hear.

The entire line of Wet & Forget products
are continually developed around these principles.

We’ve thought about every little detail with you in mind.

Wet & Forget, making life easier and cleaning smarter.