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How To Easily Remove Outdoor Mildew & Mold Stains

By Wet & Forget
Mildew and Mold Stains On Home

Mold and mildew are a type of fungi – tiny organisms that thrive in any moist, humid environment. Both mildew and mold stains are unsightly and can take over your outdoor surfaces if left alone. Keep reading to learn how to use Wet & Forget Outdoor to easily clean up tough mildew and mold stains. […]

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Application Tips: How To Apply Wet & Forget In Your Region

By Wet & Forget
Follow these application tips to use Wet & Forget on your home.

Application tips for the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate and Wet & Forget Outdoor Hose End may vary slightly according to where you live. See below for information on your area’s seasonal weather patterns, helpful application tips, and the best time to apply Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate and Wet & Forget Outdoor Hose End. […]

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How Mold Grows and More – Your Mold Questions Answered

By Wet & Forget
Many different types of mold can grow on the outside of your home.

From fuzzy growth on foods left out a bit too long to unsightly black spots on the siding of your house, we all have issues with mold. What is mold though? How does it grow and why? What happens to the surfaces mold grows on? When does this nuisance turn into a hazard? Read on […]

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