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How to Prevent Fall Spiders From Getting Inside Your Home

By Wet & Forget
fall spiders

Spiders – Ugh! They’re creepy, crawly, and certainly not welcome inside your home. Spiders are on the move this fall and often wander indoors to keep warm throughout the cold winter months or to look for a meal. Learn how to keep fall spiders outside, where they belong with these helpful tips and how-tos below. […]

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What to Do When Spiders Get Inside Your Home

By Wet & Forget
Don't let spiders into your home.

Spiders are an unwelcome guest, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to turn your house into their home. These 8-legged creatures are pests that no one wants crawling all around their living spaces. Stop chasing spiders and read on to learn how spiders get inside your home and how to get rid of them […]

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Leslie Sends Spiders Packing with Miss Muffet’s Revenge

By Wet & Forget
Spiders like to create webs in corners.

Leslie was looking for a way to deal with a horrible spider infestation around her home. Specifically, she needed a product that could be used on her window sills and siding to keep spiders away. Leslie searched online and found Miss Muffet’s Revenge on the Wet & Forget website. In the past, Leslie used Wet […]

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