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How To Clean A Pool Surround with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Clean Your In Ground Pool Surround with Wet & Forget

A pool is supposed to be a relaxing place. However, it’s hard to focus on basking in the sun when that slimy green growth on the pool deck seems bigger every day.

So, instead of ignoring the organic growth spreading along your pool surfaces, read our guide on how to clean your pool surround and other surfaces.

What’s Growing On Your Pool Surround (And Why Does It Matter)?

Generally, most pool owners have to deal with four types of organic growth:

  • Algae are single-cell plant-like growths that appear slimy and green but can also be black, orange, red, or yellow. Most algae species prefer sunlight, but some prefer shady areas.
  • Lichens are green when wet but a variety of colors when dry. They have crusty, leaf-like structures that pull away from surfaces.
  • Moss is typically green but can be black, brown, or yellow. They have tiny leaflets and require sun and moisture to survive.
  • Mold and mildew are technically two different things, but the terms are often used interchangeably. They can be slimy, fuzzy, or powdery and prefer dark and damp areas.

Each of these organic growths is capable of potential damage if they are left to grow unchecked. At best, you may only deal with some permanent discoloration.

However, algae and moss can create slipping hazards, especially when wet. In addition, if any of the growths get into the pool water, they can clog filters and spread bacteria.

Of course, chlorine should protect your pool water, but it won’t do much for the surrounding area. Keeping your pool surround and other surfaces free of organic growth will also make it easier to ensure your pool water is well-balanced.

Learn how to clean a pool surround with Wet & Forget

What Do You Need to Clean Your Pool Surround and Other Surfaces?

Pool surrounds and decks can be made from various materials. Additionally, your pool’s interior walls, diving board, and surrounding patio furniture can be vessels for organic growth.

That means you need a cleaning solution that’s safe on a variety of surfaces and one that doesn’t contain phosphate — a common food source for algae.

That’s where Wet & Forget Outdoor products step in. Two, in particular, are helpful here:

Due to its lack of bleach and phosphates, Wet & Forget Outdoor products are ideal for cleaning pool surrounds and other surfaces. They are safe on virtually every outdoor surface:

  • Artificial turf
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Composite materials
  • Painted and stained surfaces
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

While Wet & Forget Outdoor products aren’t designed for use on algae floating in pool water, it is safe to use on virtually any other outdoor surface. That includes diving boards, patio furniture, and interior pool walls (when water levels of fallen to below the affected surface).

Wet & Forget Outdoor works with wind and rain to clean pool surfaces gently and over time:

  • Green algae stains should clear up within a week or two.
  • Black stains may require a few months.
  • Long-established stains may need six to 12 months.

If you’re dealing with incredibly stubborn stains, consider a second application one or two months after your first. After the second application, you should be able to resume a yearly application schedule.

When you use Wet & Forget Outdoor products, there’s no need to scrub or power wash. Depending on your local weather, a single application is often enough to keep surfaces clear of organic growth for up to a year or more.

How to Clean Your Pool Surround and Other Large Surfaces

If you have a large surround or deck, Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End is the best for quick application. You can also use it on interior pool walls, exterior walls, the pool floor, and diving boards.

Before getting to work, though, check the weather forecast to ensure conditions are right:

  • Temperatures should be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit during application and five hours afterward.
  • There should be no rain or wind in the forecast during the same time period as above.
  • Surfaces that need cleaning should be fully dry before application. (So, lower the water level of your pool at least one day in advance of using Wet & Forget Outdoor on interior walls.)

If the forecast looks good and the surfaces are fully dry, it’s time to get started:

  1. Screw your hose into the back of the Xtreme Reach™ Nozzle.
  2. Rotate the dial on the Wet & Forget bottle to “On.”
  3. Spray surfaces affected by organic growth.
  4. Let surfaces air dry.
  5. If using inside your pool, raise water to the desired level.

Wet & Forget Outdoor will work with wind, rain, and your pool water to gently remove stains over time without the need for scrubbing or scraping.

Use Wet & Forget on your diving board

How to Clean Smaller Pool Surfaces

If your pool surround is on the smaller side or if you need precise clean-up of organic growth stains on pool walls or diving boards, consider using Wet & Forget Concentrate.

As with the Xtreme Reach™ Hose End, ensure the weather looks good and surfaces are prepped for application. The specific conditions are listed in the section above.

The only difference is that Wet & Forget Concentrate requires temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit during application and five hours after.

One additional note: you will need a garden pump sprayer to mix and apply Wet & Forget Concentrate. Your local hardware or lawn care store should have them available if you don’t have one.

If the forecast looks good, surfaces are fully dry, and you have a garden pump sprayer ready to go, it’s time to clean :

  1. Mix one part Wet & Forget Concentrate with five parts water in a garden pump sprayer.
  2. Spray surfaces thoroughly.
  3. Allow surfaces to air-dry overnight.
  4. Rinse surfaces with water before using.
  5. Repeat yearly or at the first sign of new growth.

Note: If you’re cleaning a diving board, the following day give your diving board a quick rinse down with water before use.

If you’re applying Wet & Forget Concentrate to surfaces that aren’t exposed to the elements, such as the underside of patio umbrellas, regularly spray them with a hose starting a week after your application until the stains are gone. This will imitate rainfall and help agitate the surface to lift up the dead growth.

Again, there’s no need to scrub, scrape, or power wash. The product will work with wind and rain to gently remove stains over time.

Will Wet & Forget Affect Your Pool’s pH Levels?

Wet & Forget outdoor products have a nearly neutral pH level of 8. That is, while you shouldn’t purposefully spray the product into pool water, it won’t harm your pool’s pH level if a little manages to get in there while cleaning the surrounding surfaces.

Should You Power Wash Your Pool Surround?

Power washers can chip and damage pool surfaces, making them more susceptible to organic growth. They can also push organic growth into your pool, where it’s more likely to spread bacteria or clog filters and pipes.

Where Can You Find Wet & Forget Outdoor Products?

Pools should be a relaxing place. So, don’t stress about a highly involved cleaning process when you can just use Wet & Forget Outdoor products!

Pick up Wet & Forget Outdoor products today by visiting our online store or heading to your local retailer.