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Bob Easily Eliminated Algae on His Boat

By Wet & Forget
Clean up your boat with Wet & Forget

Bob has a 29-foot fiberglass boat that he keeps in a harbor on Lake Michigan. He uses his boat for fishing, and was having a hard time keeping the outside of the boat clean.

When the fish aren’t biting, Bob likes to tune into the radio show Mr. Fix-It with Lou Manfredini. He discovered Wet & Forget when Lou mentioned that it can be used to clean algae stains on boats.

Bob’s biggest problem was the algae that collected on the outside of his boat, which left unsightly black and green stains. He also mentioned the rub rail that goes around the side of the boat collected a lot of algae over time.

Bob used other boat cleaners in the past, but he found them to be very tough to use, and he didn’t get the results he wanted. When using other cleaning products, he would try to give his boat a light cleaning every time he returned from a fishing trip.

However, this task became very tedious because Bob couldn’t easily reach all of the surfaces of his boat that needed to be cleaned. Not to mentioned he had to do it every single time he used his boat.

Bob also shared that many other boat cleaners let him down. They promised great results, but none of them worked and were hard to use. So, when Bob heard about Wet & Forget on Lou’s radio show, he decided to buy it because he needed an easier method to clean his boat.

Wet & Forget eliminated the hassle of not being able to get to the hard-to-reach areas on his boat. He simply mixed the Wet & Forget Concentrate in a pump sprayer, and was ready to go. Bob didn’t have to spend any extra time trying to stretch to reach every inch of his boat to try to scrub away the stains.

Bob loves using Wet & Forget because it has made his cleaning routine so much more simple. He doesn’t have to clean his boat after every fishing trip anymore!

“It’s easy to use, and it works!” -Bob G. Vernon Hills, IL

The best time to apply Wet & Forget is before you put the boat in the water. Make sure you treat the boat 100 feet away from lakes, rivers, ponds and streams. Once you’ve finished your application of Wet & Forget wait for exterior surfaces to dry before putting the boat in the water. Once the boat is dry and back in the water, the exposure to the water, wind and any rain while boating will work with the Wet & Forget to clean growths off the surfaces. You can just sit back and enjoy your boat while Wet & Forget does the cleaning for you over the next few days or weeks.

Wet & Forget can be safely used on all of your boat surfaces (boat seats, carpeting, covers, etc.) If you have a heavy case of mold or mildew you may need to treat the surface a month after your first treatment. Heavy cases of mold and mildew may take a bit longer to come clean. Once you obtain a clean surface you can apply Wet & Forget at the first sign of contamination to eliminate future stains and heavy build up.

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