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It’s Boating Season! Prep Your Boat for the Water

By Wet & Forget

Taking proper care of your boat interior and exterior is important to maintaining its value, and ensuring that it’s safe on the water and trouble-free. Wet & Forget easily cleans algae, moss, mold, and mildew from most any watercraft – from the smallest jet ski to the biggest yacht!

Let’s get your boating lifestyle started!

Will Wet & Forget remove algae from boat bottoms?

You stop by the marina and notice algae stains on your boat hull or bottom. Ugh! Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner removes nasty algae that can mar boat surfaces and slow you down. Here’s how

  • Place your boat on the marina’s wash rack, or if your boat is on a trailer, raise it off the bunks or rollers to gain access to the complete bottom.
  • Ensure the boat is at least 100 ft. away from a water source (lake, stream, river, etc.) before applying Wet & Forget.
  • Allow the boat bottom to dry before application.
  • Mix 1 part Wet & Forget Concentrate with 5 parts water in your pump up garden sprayer and apply to the bottom of the boat. Allow time to fully dry.
  • You’re done! Wet & Forget works with the water and wind to do the cleaning for you. No scrubbing or power washing required.

Wet & Forget is non-caustic, non-acidic, and contains no bleach so it’s safe for use on all boat materials including wood, metal, gel coat and fiberglass boats!

Will Wet & Forget clean vinyl boat seating?

Learn how to clean your boat seats with Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use is perfect for cleaning your boat’s interior surfaces such as seats, chairs, armrests, headrests, etc. Here’s the how-to:

  • Before applying Wet & Forget ensure your boat is at least 100 ft. away from a water source (lake, stream, river, etc.) In addition, keep people and pets off interior surfaces during and after product application.
  • Apply Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use to dirty boat seating and allow surfaces to dry overnight.
  • The next morning, thoroughly rinse the seats with water and dry them before use.
  • That’s all you need to do! Wet & Forget works with the water and wind to do the cleaning for you. No hand scrubbing required!

Note: If you’re applying to the full interior of your boat, we recommend using the Wet & Forget Concentrate to speed up your application process.

Watch How Wet & Forget Easily Cleans Your Boat!


Will Wet & Forget clean boat carpeting?

Of course! Wet & Forget stamps out nasty mold and mildew stains and moss buildup on watercraft carpeting.

Boat carpeting is constantly subjected to water, so it’s particularly susceptible to ugly black and green mold stains.

Wet & Forget eliminates nasty carpet stains, leaving you with a fresh, clean deck. Here’s how:

  • Ensure your boat is at least 100 ft. away from a water source (lake, stream, river, etc.), before applying Wet & Forget. In addition, keep people and pets off carpeting during and after product application.
  • First, remove any loose dirt or debris on the carpet with a wet/dry vacuum or Shop-Vac.
  • Apply Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use to stained carpeting and allow it to dry overnight.
  • Simple and easy! Wet & Forget works over time with the water and wind to remove nasty carpet stains. No brushing, scrubbing or elbow grease required!


 What about sails, covers, and other marine fabrics?

You can use Wet & Forget on boat sails, covers, and other marine fabrics

Water, dampness, and shade provide the perfect scenario for mold and mildew stains to appear on boat and marine fabrics. Sails, boat covers, awnings, tops, dodgers, Biminis, T-tops, and marine upholstery are all susceptible to mold and mildew.

If left untreated, these ugly growths will eventually eat away at marine fabrics creating small holes, frayed edges, and premature wear.

Wet & Forget Outdoor cleans up mold and mildew on marine and outdoor fabrics. And Wet & Forget Outdoor is a gentle yet effective formula that is non-caustic, non-acidic, and bleach-free.

Wet & Forget extends the life of your boat surfaces, which will prevent future costly repairs.

Here’s how to clean marine, boat, and outdoor fabrics with Wet & Forget:

  • Mix 1 part Wet & Forget Concentrate to 5 parts water in a pump-up garden sprayer.
  • Spray the fabric and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • That’s it! Wet & Forget will work over time with exposure to the rain and wind to gently clean up green and black stains.
  • Repeat application at the first sign of re-growth to keep your fabrics fresh and stain-free.

How do I rid my boat and dock of marine spiders?

You’re ready for your first fun-filled day on the water and notice that you have marine spiders and webs in the way. No fun!

Marine spiders can hide in boat cabins and interiors. They love to shelter in dark, shady places such as under boat covers, awnings, and chairs. Or, in cracks, crevices – any sheltered spot.

Miss Muffet’s Revenge spider killer forms an invisible barrier that keeps them from coming back for up to 12 months. An award-winning sprayer makes it easy to apply the product to watercraft, outdoor fabrics, boathouse interiors – anywhere that arachnids hide.

No more spider webs in your face!

Here’s how to apply the product to watercraft and outdoor surfaces:

  • Spray a 12-inch band of product around the perimeter of your deck or cabin.
  • Spray the area until slightly wet. Allow time for surfaces to dry.
  • For optimal results, apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge on a day with no high winds or rain in the weather forecast. The next day, remove spider webs with a broom.

Keep your watercraft clean and pest-free with Wet & Forget and Miss Muffet’s Revenge!

Bonus Tip: While readying your watercraft, inspect it for loose fittings, rivets, or other hardware that may need repair or replacement. Fix any problems or make an appointment at the marina office for a thorough check-up.

Learn how to clean up your boat and get it ready for the water with our guide!