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Tips for Cleaning Playground Equipment with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Before and after using Wet & Forget on a playset

Outdoor playground equipment can easily take on moss, mold, mildew, and algae growth. The good news is cleaning playground equipment doesn’t have to be a huge task. Read more to find out how you can use Wet & Forget on playsets!

What type of play equipment can you use Wet & Forget on?
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Swingsets
  • Slides
  • Monkey Bars
  • Sandboxes
  • Climbing Walls
  • Playhouses
  • Seesaws
  • Baby Swings

Most any playground surface can be cleaned with Wet & Forget to remove organic growth easily- no scrubbing required!

cleaning playground equipment with Wet & ForgetOver time, moss, mold, mildew, and algae can grow on outdoor playsets, especially playsets that are in shade for most of the day. These ugly growths can stain children’s clothing, get tracked inside on shoes, and make play surfaces slippery.

Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End  cleans all types of playground materials including wood, metal, and plastic surfaces.

You can even use the Xtreme Reach™ Hose End Nozzle’s powerful Jet Tip to spray up to 30 feet high so you can easily treat the roof of the tallest playground, or hard-to-reach play surface.

How to apply Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End:
  1. Connect the Xtreme Reach™ Hose End Nozzle to your garden hose.
  2. Attach the Fan Tip for a wide spray, or the Jet Tip to reach higher surfaces.
  3. Turn the dial to the ‘ON’ setting and thoroughly saturate affected surfaces with Wet & Forget.
  4. Allow surfaces to dry for a minimum of 5 hours. For best results, apply Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End when there’s no rain in the forecast for 4-5 hours on a windless day.
  5. The next day, rinse surfaces with the garden hose. Let surfaces dry before allowing children to play on playground equipment.
  6. Re-treat playsets once a year, or when you notice re-growth.

Keep children and pets away from surfaces treated with Wet & Forget until the equipment has been washed down with fresh water, a day after application.

Check out this picture of a playset with green algae before applying Wet & Forget:

Look at the same playset months after Wet & Forget was applied- with no green algae in sight:

Cleaning playground equipment is simple and easy with Wet & Forget.

Try Wet & Forget today, and your play equipment can stay free of ugly growth for up to a year or longer!