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Jason’s Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaner of Choice Is Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Use Wet & Forget Outdoor for a sidewalk and driveway cleaner!

Before discovering Wet & Forget, Jason B. of Harrisburg, PA, was using bleach as a driveway cleaner to remove green and black stains.

I used to use a bleach-mix. The problem with that is it can kill the grass and shrubs. It wasn’t the safest option” -Jason B. Harrisburg, PA.

No matter how much cleaning Jason did, it never seemed to get rid of the stains for good. The moss, mold, and algae on his driveway would always reappear a few weeks later!

One day, when Jason’s neighbors swung by, they talked about green and black stain removal alternatives. That’s when they brought up Wet & Forget.

His neighbors mentioned how they used to deal with green and black stains around their home too. Since using Wet & Forget, they haven’t had to worry about the stains on their home.

They quickly explained to Jason the process: mix the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate with water in a pump sprayer and spray down the affected surface. After the surface has been treated, just let Mother Nature do the rest. That’s it!

Jason was intrigued, and wanted to try the product out for himself. Luckily, when he was out running errands, he stumbled upon a Wet & Forget display at Costco and brought home a bottle of the Outdoor Concentrate.

When he got home, he couldn’t wait to use the product. Jason followed the instructions on the back, mixed 1 part Wet & Forget with 5 parts water in his sprayer, and then sprayed a part of his driveway to test it out.

A few weeks later, and Jason was already seeing a difference in his driveway! He also had organic growth on his house and sidewalks, so he decided to spray parts of those surfaces too.

“I did a test section on my house and outbuilding. Wet & Forget made it look brand new” -Jason B. Harrisburg, PA.

After a few months, the growth had completely disappeared from his driveway, siding, roof, and sidewalks. Take a look at some of the sidewalk photos Jason sent into us!

Transform sidewalks and driveways with Wet & Forget Outdoor cleaner!

“It works so well. I love everything about it. Wet & Forget made it way easier to clean. You just wet it and forget about it! It’s a good name and it works” -Jason B. Harrisburg, PA.

Jason was so impressed with the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate that he even branched out and purchased Wet & Forget Shower. He liked that it is a product that didn’t involve any scrubbing and is bleach free!

His fiberglass stand up shower was difficult to clean before using Wet & Forget Shower. Now his shower cleaning rountine is quick and easy!

“Mold, mildew, and algae- gone! Wet & Forget sums it up” -Jason B. Harrisburg, PA.

For Jason, he no longer has to use bleach to clean outdoor surfaces or the showers in his home. With Wet & Forget as his go-to cleaning brand, cleaning is a breeze for him.

Looking to remove any green or black stains on your home? Check out the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate that Jason used as a driveway cleaner to eliminate those pesky stains.

If you’re interested in cleaning your shower without any scrubbing, check out Wet & Forget Shower.

Say goodbye to any moss, mold, mildew, and algae from your home and say hello to Wet & Forget.

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