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LuAnne Stopped Scrubbing her Bathtub

By Wet & Forget
Clean your tub without scrubbing.

LuAnne first saw Wet & Forget Shower on a Facebook advertisement. She read the comments and saw a lot of positive responses.

She had used other cleaners in her bathroom in the past but never thought they did a great job. LuAnne was sick of constantly scrubbing her bathtub, so she decided to try out Wet & Forget Shower.

“With other products, I had to scrub and scrub and I never really got it clean.” -LuAnne P. Mayfield Heights, OH

LuAnne’s biggest dilemma was a stubborn ring around the inside of her old porcelain bathtub. She tried several products and spent countless hours kneeling and scrubbing the bath to no avail.

Clean your shower enclosure with Wet & Forget Shower

Fortunately, she tried using Wet & Forget Shower and was able to remove the ring around her bathtub. It cleaned off the built-up soap scum here as well.

“It took off soap scum rings in the tub that I have repeatedly scrubbed. One application of this and it looks amazing!” -LuAnne P.

LuAnne was glad to find Wet & Forget Shower after trying many other bathroom cleaners that didn’t work as well. She loves how easy it is to clean her bathroom now.

Furthermore, she doesn’t waste any more time scrubbing with products that didn’t give her the results she was looking for. LuAnne thought all hope was lost for her porcelain tub.

But after discovering Wet & Forget Shower, she was finally able to put her scrub brush away and clean with one easy step.

“You don’t even have to do anything, and it came off. No more scrubbing.” -LuAnne P.

LuAnne finally stopped scrubbing and upgraded to a simple no-scrub cleaning routine. One weekly spray of Wet & Forget Shower keeps her bathroom surfaces sparkling.

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