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Top Tips for Cleaning a Metal Roof with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Clean Your Metal Roof with Wet & Forget Hose End

A metal roof is an excellent choice for your home as they usually last 2 to 3 times longer than a traditional roof. Standard roofing materials last approximately 12 to 20 years while you can rely on a metal roof lasting for three decades, or even longer.

Metal roofs never decompose and they can often be refreshed with a new coat of paint when needed. Here we’ll cover how to clean a metal roof with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End.

What types of metals are used to construct a metal roof?

how to clean a metal roof

Metal roofing materials are usually made of aluminum, steel, or copper. There are two main styles of metal roofs available: metal-vertical seam and metal-stamped panel.

Metal-stamped panels can often be installed over the existing roof. Below are a few benefits of owning a metal roof:

  • Energy-efficient – Provides up to 30% in energy savings
  • The warranty is usually for a period of 30 to 50+ years
  • Average life span is 50+ years
  • Will improve your home’s resale value
  • Repairs or replacement is rarely necessary
  • The metal finish is fade and chalk resistant
  • Many styles can be repainted if needed
  • Made of recyclable material and eco-friendly

Home repair expert Danny Lipford shares “Metal roofing is available in a wide selection of colors, styles, and designs to create any look you’d like. If you prefer the classic look of asphalt, tile, or cedar, there are roof styles that mimic traditional roofs as well.”

What types of growths appear on a metal roof?

Metal roofing may develop stains due to mold, mildew, moss, and algae growth. These growths are usually seen on shaded roof areas and are most prevalent in rainy areas or humid, coastal locales.

Which Wet & Forget product should I use to clean a metal roof?

Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End is the best choice to clean a metal roof as the powerful Xtreme Reach™ nozzle sprays up to 30 feet – making it easy the reach high-up and expansive areas.

You’ll be able to clean your roof while standing on the ground – no ladder climbing required! Here are the how-tos:

  1. Attach the bottle to the garden hose and choose the jet tip for the job.
    The hose end sprayer has a removable tip for two different types of applications –
    a. FAN TIP: Best for general application and large surfaces at ground level.
    b. JET TIP: Best for distance and height.
  2. Turn the black dial counterclockwise to the “WATER” setting and rinse down nearby landscaping.
  3. Turn the dial to the “ON” setting. Note: You will not be able to turn the dial any further when on this setting.
  4. Spray your roof down with Wet & Forget. Turn the dial back to the “WATER” setting and rinse down landscaping. Turn the black dial to the “OFF” setting and you’re done! Wet & Forget works with the rain and wind to get it clean.

Apply the product on a day without wind to get the full reach out of the hose end sprayer.

Wet & Forget Outdoor Xtreme Reach™ Hose End has an unlimited shelf life so you can store any remaining product and it will work just as well the next time you need it.

Can I paint my metal roof after applying Wet & Forget?

You can paint your metal roof as soon as the green and black stains are no longer on the surface. We recommend waiting until the stains have been fully removed because if you paint over the stains, it can cause the growth to become sealed into the surface and regrowth is likely to occur.

For more information on prepping surfaces for painting with Wet & Forget, click here.

Annual Roof Maintenance How-tos

Although metal roof care is minimal, here’s a few maintenance and inspection tips to ensure your roof functions well and looks great for decades to come.

Metal Roof Maintenance Checklist

Leaves, twigs, and debris can back up your gutter system causing gutters to overflow, damaging your home’s exterior. Clean all gutters, downspouts and drain boxes.

On flat roofs, clear all valleys and waterways. Leaves and debris can stop the flow of water in the drainage path.

Pooled areas that contain wet piles of leaves or dirt can damage your roof if not removed. Routinely clean these areas especially if you have overhanging trees.

Check all HVAC vents, skylights, and roof penetrations for possible leakage. Some leaks are caused by the gradual deterioration of silicone caulk.

If you see a cracked or loose area clean and fill it with a flexible metal roofing sealant.

Check around areas such as chimneys, air conditioners, and oil condensers because they can expose your roof to chemicals that may corrode the metal or affect the paint.

Also, inspect for loose flashings, fasteners, and roof sheets also punctures and dents caused by falling tree branches. 

Check all synthetic rubber washers as they break down over time by sun exposure or the natural expansion and contraction of the roofing panels. Touch a washer with your fingernail. If the rubber feels stiff or hard, it’s probably time to replace it.

Inspect closures and venting materials including transitions, end walls, and ridge caps. Replace as needed.

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