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Kathryn Found an Easy Way to Clean Her Shower & Tub

By Wet & Forget

Kathryn and her husband had a difficult time finding the right product to keep their tub and shower clean. Kathryn used to be in charge of the bathroom cleaning, and when she couldn’t do it anymore, she gave the job to her husband.

“He has to clean my tub because I can’t anymore, and he never liked doing it. And I was looking for something to make his life easier so I wouldn’t have to hear his comments.” -Kathryn T. from Providence, RI

Their biggest problem was the soap scum on their fiberglass tub. They tried a few different tub and shower cleaners but weren’t having much luck with any of them.

They were able to get the surfaces clean, but it always took a lot of scrubbing to get the products to work. Then after all their extra time and effort, they would have to go back and clean the tub again every couple days, which became a vicious cycle.

They also bought another tub and shower cleaner that attached to the shower wall and sprayed out product, but it couldn’t reach the tub or the back wall of the shower.

“Other cleaners were a pain and a waste of time and energy.” -Kathryn T. 

Kathryn first saw Wet & Forget Shower when she was browsing online. She decided to order it because she wanted to find an effective tub and shower cleaner.

She needed something that worked and was easier for her husband to use. He tried it out and was so happy with the way it cleaned their tub and shower that he told Kathryn to order more.

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spray fiberglass tub

“I was thrilled… the soap scum dripped down into the tub and we rinsed it, and my husband said, ‘Oh my gosh, you better order more.’” -Kathryn T.

Kathryn said that Wet & Forget Shower totally changed their cleaning routine because it is so easy to use. She told us she likes how it doesn’t take much time to use, and she loves the way it cleans up their tub and shower.

She said their fiberglass tub was old, but now it shines with Wet & Forget Shower.

“The tub looks beautiful after we used Wet & Forget… it looks like a diamond” -Kathryn T.

Kathryn Stopped Scrubbing and Found an Easy Way to Clean her Shower

Kathryn loves Wet & Forget Shower so much that she spreads the word whenever she can and has recommended it to many people in her apartment complex.

“I’ve talked to over 40+ people about it. My word is all over. My daughter, my friends, the staff, the security guard.” -Kathryn T. 

Kathryn said Wet & Forget Shower is a miracle product that changed their lives. Now her husband can get their tub and shower clean without spending all his time scrubbing.

Wet & Forget Shower does the hard work for you, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love!

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