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Sue Keeps Her Shower Enclosure Clean Without Scrubbing

By Wet & Forget
Clean your shower enclosure with Wet & Forget Shower

Sue always struggled with keeping her shower clean. Even after she was done cleaning, she wasn’t happy because the results never lasted long.

Sue has well water that caused orange rust stains and mineral deposits to form on her tub and shower enclosure. So, the discoloration would reappear, and her hard work would go to waste.

She couldn’t find anything to stop the orange, rust-colored stains from coming back. 

Sue first saw Wet & Forget Shower at her local hardware store. Since she wasn’t happy with her current cleaning routine, she thought she should give it a try.

“The fact that it said Wet & Forget! It was the perfect name. The name caught me. I picked it off the shelf, and I thought well I’m gonna try this.” -Sue S. from Duncannon, PA

Clean fiberglass bathtub

In the past, Sue would have to spend an hour or two each time she cleaned her fiberglass shower enclosure. She had to use automatic scrubber and various cleaning products to get the job done.

Since she started using Wet & Forget Shower, Sue hasn’t had to scrub her shower at all! She reduced the time she spent cleaning her shower from hours to just a few minutes.

Sue likes that it gets her shower clean and keeps it that way. Her shower enclosure used to turn completely orange, but Wet & Forget Shower has kept the stains from returning.

“Wet & Forget has kept it off. Not even drips from stains. The tub is perfectly wonderfully clean.” -Sue S.

Now she sprays Wet & Forget Shower after every week and loves how everything stays clean without any scrubbing. She said it had gotten difficult as she got older to reach all the areas in her shower, but Wet & Forget Shower makes it easy.

“It’s terrific stuff- it lives up to what it says. Just spray it on!” -Sue S.

Keep your fiberglass clean with Wet & Forget Shower

Wet & Forget Shower cleans soap scum, shower grime, mold and mildew stains from bathroom surfaces. You only have to use it once a week to maintain your shower.

However, for heavy grime and soap scum accumulation, several daily applications and a wipe down may be necessary. 

Just spray today and rinse clean tomorrow! Apply Wet & Forget Shower onto your shower surfaces for 8-12 hours then rinse the grime away! 

Sue uses it to clean her fiberglass shower, but it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

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“Best product I have ever used for showers. Just buy it because it works!” -Sue S.

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