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Ron Rids his Home of Moss, Mold, and Algae Stains with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Start your spring cleaning now! Get rid of roof moss easily.

Ron was facing a severe issue with moss, mold, and algae stains growing around his home, particularly on his roof shingles, which were heavily covered in moss.

Ron was unaware of the severity of the moss until his brother pointed it out to him. Upon inspection, he realized that he needed to take action to remove the overgrowth on his roof.

In addition to the moss, he also wanted to clean up some wood and concrete surfaces around his home.

In the past, Ron attempted to remove moss mold, and algae stains from his home’s exterior using a garden hose-connected house wash and a brush. These methods, however, proved ineffective.

He found that cleaning the siding required significant scrubbing due to the presence of algae. Despite using a pressure washer, Ron stated that cleaning the outside of his house has always remained time-consuming.

Ron first heard about Wet & Forget when his friends mentioned that they had used it to clean their roofs. After hearing their success stories, he thought he would give it a try.

“Put it on, and it’s just amazing.” -Ron C. Schwenksville, PA

Ron applied it to his roof and was amazed by the results. It completely got rid of the build-up. Since then, Ron has had success using Wet & Forget on many different outdoor surfaces.

He used it to get rid of black stains on a stucco surface, black stains on a fence post, and green stains on his deck. His deck looked brand new that even his neighbor asked him about it.

“It’s amazing really… I had a lot of green on the bottom deck post. I sprayed Wet & Forget on the green algae just a couple of days ago, and now it’s gone.” -Ron C.

Ron recommended using Wet & Forget to his friend who owns a log cabin with a moss-covered roof. After a few weeks, his friend was ecstatic with the outcome when he saw that all the moss had vanished.

Ron also successfully used Wet & Forget to clean a marble gravestone that had black stains on the carved letters. He applied the product, and after some time, all the stains were removed.

Clean up mold and mildew on gravestones with Wet & Forget

Furthermore, he also treated some small marble statues in his garden that were stained black due to outdoor exposure.

Ron sprayed them with Wet & Forget and when he checked on them a few weeks later, the statues were restored back to their original white color. Ron appreciates the versatility of Wet & Forget as it can be used on various outdoor surfaces.

“It works! That simple. It’s easy to use, and there’s not much to not like about it. What’s nice about it, is that it works on so many surfaces; Vinyl, concrete, wood- what’s left?” -Ron C.

During one of Ron’s frequent visits to Costco, he overheard a woman inquiring about the use of Wet & Forget. Being well-versed in the product, he shared his experiences with her and recommended that she try it.

Ron had initially discovered Wet & Forget products at Costco and had been buying them in bulk. So much, so that his wife had to ask him to stop because they already had enough.

However, his passion for the product continued, and he often gives bottles to friends to try out

“I have three containers of Wet & Forget in my basement. I was gonna buy two more at Costco, and my wife told me no I have enough of it. But I’ll take some up to a friend and let them use it.” -Ron C.

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