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Revive Your Home’s Appearance like Judy

By Wet & Forget
Use Wet & Forget to clean organic growth from patio stones!

Certain regions of the United States are more prone to seeing green and black stains on homes. However, these eyesores can lessen the appeal of your home and can cause long-term damage if it’s not taken care of properly. So, revive your home’s appearance and keep outdoor surfaces moss, mold, mildew, and algae-free like Judy K. from La Salle, IL.

Judy had black streaks running down the side of her home for several years. Sadly, those pesky streaks never seemed to fully go away regardless of what she used to clean her home.

Like many homeowners, she would use a bleach-based mixture or a power washer to clean the exterior of her home. 

However, bleach is notoriously known to do as the name says bleach out the color of the moss, mold, mildew, or algae. This can result in the organic growth still being on the surface therefore the problem continues to reoccur.

Plus, the smell of bleach is unpleasant when trying to clean up such a large area!

“Bleach was always very smelly and not very effective.” -Judy K.

Regardless of repeated pressure washing and using bleach on her siding, the black streaking would always return every year. She started to feel defeated because it would never fully revive her home’s appearance.

But, that all changed the day Judy had an arborist come to her home.

Judy pointed out the black runs on the side of her home, and that’s when the arborist recommended Wet & Forget. Her arborist pulled up before and after photos of siding surfaces and briefly explained how the product works.

Clean your siding with Wet & Forget!

Once applied, Wet & Forget will address the root of the problem- the moss, mold, mildew, or algae. This will make them detach themselves from the surface.

After which, the rain and wind will help to lift and remove the dead growth away over time.

To prepare the Wet & Forget Concentrate, mix one-part Wet & Forget to five-parts water in a pump sprayer.

After mixing, apply the mixture on virtually any exterior surface with moss, mold, mildew, or algae. Then, let the Wet & Forget dry and Mother Nature will take it from there!

Judy loved the idea that something so easy could be so effective. So, she decided to order some Wet & Forget Concentrate online.

As soon as Judy received the gallon of Wet & Forget, she mixed it up and treated the side of her home stained with black streaks. She even sprayed down some landscaping stones nearby!

“I like that I can do it myself because it’s so easy to mix and spray onto most areas around my home.” -Judy K.

As mentioned by her arborist, Wet & Forget works over time with the rain and wind. So, Judy gave Wet & Forget a few weeks to work with Mother Nature to clean up her home’s siding and landscaping rocks. She was anxious to see if Wet & Forget truly was the answer to her problem.

To her surprise, the black streaks had completely disappeared from her home’s siding! In addition, the landscaping rocks had cleaned up nicely as well.

“I’ve seen changes being made in just a few weeks. It amazes me that stains that have been on my house for years are being removed.” -Judy K.

Ever since she saw the wonders of what Wet & Forget Concentrate did on her home, she’s applied it onto nearly all of her exterior surfaces! Such areas include canvas awnings, a driveway, and a ramp leading to the entrance of her home.

Now, the once dreaded task of scrubbing and power washing is over.

“Go online and get some! It’s a remarkable product. Go and give it a try.” -Judy K.

Wet & Forget was able to change the way Judy could revive their home’s appearance in a cost and time-effective manner. Change up your cleaning routine by picking up Wet & Forget Concentrate at a local hardware store near you or order online.

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