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100 Year Old Gravestones Look Like New- Thanks to Crystal and Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Gravestone before and after photos

Crystal was battling lichen, mold, and mildew on her loved one’s 100+-year-old gravestones. She had never cleaned a gravestone but thought that it was about time she did.

Instead of jumping in feet first with no experience and grabbing just anything that could be potentially harmful, especially to a century-old headstone, she turned to the internet for help.

“I searched the internet for a cleaner that wouldn’t damage our family gravestones” -Crystal H. Waynesboro, VA. 

That’s where Crystal was first introduced to Wet & Forget. She read it was a gentle cleaner that eliminates moss, mold, mildew, and algae on outdoor surfaces.

She really likes the fact that it doesn’t contain any bleach or require scrubbing.

Crystal was able to find a gallon of the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate at her local hardware store. When she got home, she carefully read the directions to make sure she used the product properly. 

She mixed the concentrate as directed 5:1 with water in a pump-up sprayer before heading to the cemetery. Once she arrived, all she had to do was spray down the family gravestones, and that’s it. Crystal knew the wind and the rain played a part in the “scrubbing” process, and her part of cleaning the headstones was done. It was an application that could be done in minutes per headstone. You just need to make sure you saturate them well.

“It’s very easy. I like the fact that you can spray it on the stone and walk away” -Crystal H.

A few months later, she went back to the cemetery, and she couldn’t believe her eyes! The product had done exactly what it had claimed. 

Clean up mold and mildew on gravestones with Wet & Forget

Over time, Wet & Forget had gently removed the lichen, mold, and mildew off the gravestones. To her surprise, the headstones looked almost new! Who would’ve thought headstones with a hundred years of growth built up on them could look this good again with no scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

“I’ve used it on 20+ stones in the last two years. I recommend it to anyone who is into genealogy” -Crystal H.

With the continued success that Crystal has seen for years now using Wet & Forget to clean up tombstones, she makes it a point to passes along her experience to anyone looking for a gentle and easy way to clean up the gravestones of their loved ones.

See more stories and before and after photos from customers cleaning tombstones in the Wet & Forget Crew Facebook Group. 

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