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Top Bathtub Designs & How To Easily Clean a Tub

By Wet & Forget
Wet & Forget Shower will clean your tub easily

Cleaning the bathtub isn’t a chore that most people look forward to. It typically requires too much scrubbing, strong chemical odors and back breaking work.

Here we’ll cover the most popular bathtub designs as well as how to easily clean a tub and bath fixtures without any scrubbing or wiping using Wet & Forget Shower.

Bathtubs are available in a dizzying array of materials, finishes, shapes, and installations. Whether your tub is fashioned of no-frills fiberglass or cast-iron see the below tips and how-tos.

Common types of bathtub materials available include:

How to clean a bathtub with Wet & Forget Shower

Enamel coated steel A tub made of formed steel with a porcelain/enamel coating is one of the best budget-friendly options. Unfortunately, steel pulls heat from water so bath water will cool quickly.

Also, the enamel surface is prone to chips and bumps. If you are deciding between fiberglass, acrylic, and steel, keep in mind that enamel coated steel is approximately double the weight of plastics.

Gel-coated Fiberglass  Fiberglass is another strong, yet lightweight material for bathtubs. Fiberglass tubs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes as it is easy to mold into almost any shape.

Fiberglass is a budget-friendly option for a freestanding tub. A fiberglass tub may be inexpensive, but they are susceptible to mold and mildew, stains, cracking and color fading.

High gloss acrylic Acrylic is a popular choice due to its attractive, high-gloss finish and smooth feel. Acrylic works well with most tub installations, including whirlpool designs.

Acrylic tubs are available at several price points ranging from inexpensive to luxe, high-end models that are priced in the thousands. The advantages of owning a tub made of acrylic include:

  • Unlike enamel-coated steel, which is cold to the touch, an acrylic tub is warm and welcoming.
  • Acrylic is chip and crack-resistant
  • Tolerates high water temperatures and resists fading due to ultraviolet light
  • Acrylic is resistant to mold, mildew, and harsh chemicals
  • Since it is easy to mold, acrylic is available in a wide variety of shapes, including custom designs.

When cleaning an acrylic tub, do not use an abrasive cleaner as the finish may scratch.

Natural Stone Natural stone tubs include those made from travertine, onyx, limestone, sandstone, and more.

If you wish to make a luxe statement in your bath, natural stone is a top choice. Natural stone bathtubs are often handcrafted; this will be reflected in the price.

Stone tubs are very heavy so make sure your bathroom floor can support the weight, which can be 2,000 lbs. or more. Although natural stone can be expensive, it’s beautiful, durable, and retains heat well. And unlike steel or plastics, it isn’t susceptible to chips or cracks.

Keep in mind natural stone may have special cleaning requirements depending on the stone.

Cast-polymer This tub material is manufactured from crushed stones mixed with polyester resin, and then finished with a gel coating. Sometimes called “engineered stone”, this tub material resembles natural stone for a more budget-friendly price.

Cast-polymer tubs are stain-resistant and easy to clean, but they are more costly than acrylic tubs. In addition, a crack in cast-polymer cannot be repaired. When looking for a cast-polymer tub choose a quality, well-known brand.

Cast-iron These rugged bathtubs are manufactured of molded iron with an enamel-coated exterior. Highly durable cast iron provides good heat retention.

The thick enamel coating is scratch and chip resistant. Cast-iron tubs are available in almost any color you desire to easily match your bath décor.

Cast iron is very heavy and expensive; weighing approximately 1,000 lbs. Due to its heft, a cast-iron tub is best for a ground-floor installation. If you wish to install one upstairs, structural reinforcement may be necessary to support the tub’s weight.

The most common tub installations include:

Alcove Alcove is the most common tub installation. Alcove refers to a tub installation that is adjacent to three walls with one open side.

This type of tub installation offers the option of adding a showerhead and faucets as well. Alcove tubs are one of the most affordable options, and a good choice if you are replacing an old alcove tub with a new one.

Freestanding A freestanding tub sits away from the wall, with no sides touching. Similar to clawfoot tubs, they stand on a base or feet.

Freestanding tubs take up more floor space than alcove styles because they do not sit flush along a wall. These tubs are popular with consumers due to the wide variety of options available.

Drop-in Drop-in tubs are sometimes referred to as platform tubs. The manufacturer provides only the tub’s shell. The shell is ‘dropped’ into a frame, which has been designed to enhance the room’s decor.

Installing a drop-in tub is more complex than comparable installations since the enclosure will need to be installed as well as the tub. Drop-in tubs give a homeowner more options when choosing the design and look of the bath.

Walk-in Popular with seniors and those with limited mobility, a walk-in tub has a watertight door which allows the bather to enter the enclosure easily. After the bather enters and closes the door, the tub fills with water.

When the bather is done, the water drains, and he/she safely exits the tub. Walk-in tubs usually have seats and handrails as well.

How to Clean a Tub

how to clean a tub

Are you tired of getting down on your hands and knees to scrub your tub? Not sure how to clean a tub without extra scrubbing and labor? Say goodbye to bathtub grime with Wet & Forget Shower.

Wet & Forget Shower’s no-scrub formula makes cleaning your tub quick and easy. Simply clean a tub by just spraying it once a week and the next day rinse it clean. Wet & Forget Shower is safe to use on all your tub and shower surfaces including fixtures!

The only surface we don’t advise using Wet & Forget Shower on is natural marble. Wet & Forget Shower banishes soap scum, dirt and body oils, leaving you with a clean fresh-smelling bathtub.

Unlike once-a-day shower sprays, Wet & Forget Shower keeps your tub clean with just one weekly spray – no tedious scrubbing required! Plus, one container of Wet & Forget Shower will last up to 12 weeks – saving you money and trips to the store.

Wet & Forget Shower is also equipped with an extendable trigger sprayer so you can easily reach those far, out-of-the-way spots. No more bending or backaches!

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Remember – what your bathtub is made of, affects its cleanability and durability. Keep your bathtub clean with just one weekly application of Wet & Forget Shower. No scrubbing or wiping necessary!

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