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Moss is No Longer a Problem for Jim’s Home!

By Wet & Forget
Jim cleaned up moss on his deck.

Jim lives in northern Wisconsin part-time, and the area receives a high amount of rainfall, which creates an environment where moss is prone to grow.

Northern Wisconsin also gets a great deal of snow, sometimes leading to excess moisture that causes mold. Jim’s biggest problem was thick moss that grew on the natural stone water feature he had in his backyard.

The moss would return to his water feature every summer, and it was always a pain to keep clean. The moss usually turned black, and he spent countless hours scrubbing to get it clean.

Jim tried cleaning his outdoor surfaces with expensive products that a landscaper recommended to him. Unfortunately, he did not see the results he was looking for.

“I bought miracle stuff for $70, and it didn’t do a thing.” -Jim N. from Plainfield, IL.

He was looking in the hardware store for a new cleaner and came across Wet & Forget Outdoor. Jim figured he might as well give it a try because he wasn’t getting anywhere with the other outdoor cleaners.

Jim turned off the water feature and let it dry, then sprayed Wet & Forget Outdoor onto the surface. He was shocked to see that the rocks were sparkling clean by the next morning.

“It was amazing; the moss was gone!” -Jim N.

Once Jim started using Wet & Forget, he didn’t have to spend hours scrubbing just to have the stones look somewhat clean.

Jim cleaned up moss on his water feature easily!

“The great part about Wet & Forget is it’s so simple, and you don’t have to do any work.” -Jim N.

After seeing such incredible results on the stone, Jim decided to see what other outdoor surfaces he could clean. He has stained wooden steps outside his home that were covered in green growth.

Jim sprayed the steps with Wet & Forget and got rid of the growth completely. The following spring, Jim applied it to his deck, and once again he saw great results.

“I just keep finding new ways to use this stuff, it really is good.” -Jim N.

Wet & Forget Outdoor is a gentle cleaner than works over time. When applying this product, make sure the area is fully saturated so that the solution can reach the moss’s root-like structures.

Moss is a very porous growth, so it can soak up quite a bit of liquid! After application, let the surface dry for a minimum of 4-5 hours.

Then, exposure to the wind and rain loosens the dead growth and removes it from the surface. Typically for a green-colored growth, you can start to see results a week or two after your application.

If the growth on your outdoor surface is more black in color, you can start to see results a month or two after your application. For more application tips, check out our FAQ section here.

As Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner works to get rid of moss you will see it turn brown and start to fall off the surface. You can let it wash off naturally with the wind and rain, or you can gently brush it away.

Jim easily removed the unwanted growth from his outdoor surfaces using Wet & Forget, without any extra scrubbing.

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Stuck with stubborn green and black stains on your deck? Remove them easily with a quick spray of Wet & Forget!