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Keep Your Home Clean like Doug with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Clean your home like Doug with Wet & Forget!

When Doug first heard about Wet & Forget products, he was a bit skeptical. But with his coworkers chatting on and on about them, he decided to try a few Wet & Forget products himself to clean the inside and outside of his home.

Like many, Doug would power wash or use an old brush to clean up his vinyl siding and fencing surfaces. But it never quite got the job done.

Those pesky green algae and mildew stains would keep reappearing! No matter how much he power washed his siding or scrubbed with a brush, it was always there.

So, he decided to set aside the power washer and purchased a gallon of the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate.

Doug mixed the Wet & Forget with water in a garden pump sprayer. After mixing, he went ahead and sprayed down the affected areas.

The only thing left for Doug to do was wait for the wind and the rain to do all the work for him.

“I applied Wet & Forget, and a week later, there was a horrendous storm with a lot of wind. A week or two after it was done- all the mildew was cleaned” – Doug M. Panama, IL.

Doug was no longer skeptical about Wet & Forget, and after several years he still loves to use Wet & Forget Outdoor.

“It works with the environment. Give it time to work, and it does its job.” -Doug M. 

With successful results following the use of the outdoor concentrate, Doug and his wife were curious about the other Wet & Forget products.

So, they went onto the Wet & Forget website and searched around. A few clicks later and they landed on the Wet & Forget Shower product page. Doug learned more about the product and wanted to try it out to clean the bathroom surfaces inside his home.

“If I didn’t clean the shower once a month, my wife was having words with me” – Doug M. 

After several failed attempts at cleaning their walk-in shower with glass doors, it was time for an upgrade. The old toothbrush was not meeting the expectations of removing the mildew stains and soap scum.

Doug swapped out the old toothbrush and gave Wet & Forget Shower a try! He was glad he did because he and his wife began seeing results within the first two weeks of using it!

Now, with the use of Wet & Forget Shower on a weekly basis, cleaning their shower is a breeze! Doug and his wife no longer have to worry about all the heavy scrubbing associated with soap scum and mildew in their shower.

Wet & Forget Shower made it easy and painless to clean. All they have to do is spray down their shower once a week and give it a quick rinse the next day.

Doug and his wife now knock out their weekly cleaning list quickly and efficiently with Wet & Forget.

“Now it’s maybe 10 minutes of work compared to the half-hour of scrubbing we did before, and we were done. It’s a great product” -Doug M. 

Keep your home clean like Doug, and try out some Wet & Forget products today!

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