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Tina’s Fiberglass Shower Sparkles with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Clean fiberglass showers with Wet & Forget!

Tina had been trying to eliminate the soap scum buildup in her fiberglass shower for months. However, many of the products that Tina used only temporarily prevented soap scum or required scrubbing.

“Some cleaners required more elbow grease than I’d like” -Tina W. Rocky Mount, NC.

In the past, Tina would scrub her shower with spray cleaners. Since the cleaners required tough work and scrubbing, Tina would only clean her shower every couple of weeks because it was so time-consuming.

Tina wanted a product that wouldn’t require extra scrubbing and would get her fiberglass shower sparkling.

While listening to the radio, At Home with Gary Sullivan came on and mentioned cleaning with Wet & Forget Shower.

“I had heard of Wet & Forget Shower several times because of Gary Sullivan” -Tina W. 

Tina learned that Wet & Forget Shower eliminates soap scum, grime, mold, and mildew stains. The application was much easier than her previous cleaning routine- simply spray after the last shower of the evening and rinse 8-12 hours later.

Moreover, unlike other shower cleaners, Wet & Forget Shower has a light, soft vanilla scent. There are no harsh chemical smells to endure.

An added perk is that it can remove grime in your sink, toilet, and washing machine!

With that, Tina became more intrigued. A product that doesn’t require scrubbing- just rinsing. She thought it was impossible!

“It sounded so easy to use! I really wanted to try it and see if it’d work” -Tina W. 

Tina searched the web and landed on Wet & Forget’s website, where she learned more about how Wet & Forget Shower cleans. She especially liked that one bottle contains 12 weeks of cleaning power!

Additionally, Tina dove deeper and read some of the blog articles and testimonials of Wet & Forget Shower users included on the site!

“I enjoyed the articles on such a variety of topics on your blog” -Tina W. 

This additional information Tina read on our website made her confident that this would be the product that solves her problems.

She went to her local Lowe’s store and purchased a bottle of Wet & Forget Shower.

Once she got the product, she used it almost immediately. She was so excited to try it out on her fiberglass shower!

Since Tina had a lot of tough soap scum build-up, it took her several applications before the soap scum disappeared. It didn’t require her to scrub her fiberglass shower, so it was worthwhile to do multiple applications.

In addition, Tina cleans her shower more frequently with Wet & Forget Shower too. Why? Because it’s quick, easy, and less of a hassle than her previous cleaning routine.

All she has to do is spray her fiberglass shower surfaces down and rinse the next day.

The ease and effectiveness of the product even got Tina’s husband to clean their shower voluntarily!

“You know how household cleaning is usually a women’s chore? Well, ever since I got this and used it, my husband now helps out as well because it’s just so easy to do” -Tina 

A once tedious household chore is now super easy for Tina with Wet & Forget Shower. So much so that it has everyone in her household helping with chores!

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