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Get Rid of Musty Smell’s with Wet & Forget Indoor

By Wet & Forget
Wipe out mold and mildew and its musty smell with Wet & Forget Indoor

Is there a musty smell in your basement or crawl space? Alternatively, a persistent wet sock odor in your bathroom or laundry room? Mold and mildew may be the culprit.

Read on to learn more about easily cleaning up mold and mildew, disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing your household surfaces with Wet & Forget Indoor Cleaner.

Wet & Forget Indoor knocks out mold and mildew and eliminates unpleasant musty smells in your bath, laundry room, basement, and kitchen – any room in your home. In addition, it cleans up of mold and mildew and keeps it from coming back.

Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitizer doesn’t just mask musty smells, it destroys unpleasant odors at the source. Leaving you with a clean smelling home.

How do I apply Wet & Forget Indoor to eliminate mold and mildew?

Wet & Forget Indoor Disinfectant Cleaner comes with an easy-to-use remote trigger sprayer. The hand-held sprayer provides quick surface coverage at any angle. To apply the product:

  • Hold the spray head 6 to 8 inches from the affected surface.
  • Pull the trigger to spray the surface in a sweeping motion, until it is thoroughly wet.
  • Let the product sit on the surface for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, wipe the surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Or allow the surface to air dry.

We had a water leak that caused mold and mildew to grow. How can Wet & Forget Indoor help get rid of it?

In addition to cleaning mold and mildew and the source, Wet & Forget Indoor All Purpose Cleaner also inhibits the regrowth of mold and mildew. So your household surfaces will stay mold and mildew free, longer.

Can Wet & Forget Indoor eliminate everyday household odors?

Disinfect and deodorize your pet's bedding.

Yes! Use Wet & Forget Indoor All Purpose Cleaner in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, laundry room and more. Plus, Wet & Forget Indoor works as an odor eliminator to banish funky smells from:

  • Laundry hampers
  • Gym bags
  • Pet bedding
  • Trash cans

Does Wet & Forget Indoor Disinfectant Cleaner kill bacteria and viruses?

Yes, Wet & Forget Indoor sanitizes and disinfects commonly touched soft and hard surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria & viruses*. So you can enjoy a healthy, germ-free home.

Wet & Forget cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects household surfaces in one easy step. No scrubbing or rinsing needed. Simply spray it on, wait ten minutes and wipe clean or allow to air dry.

*When used to disinfect surfaces, Wet & Forget Indoor will kill the following pathogens: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Serratia marcescens, Human Coronavirus, Influenza Virus Type A / Hong Kong, Vaccinia (Pox Virus), Norwalk Virus (Norovirus), Rotavirus.

Wet & Forget Indoor works as a sanitizer and disinfectant on:

Hard surfaces:

  • Door and household knobs, handles, etc.
  • High chair
  • Diaper pails
  • Laundry hampers
  • Bathtub
  • Shower
  • Toilet seats
  • Faucets
  • Shower curtain
  • Sinks
  • Garbage cans
  • Refrigerator and household appliance (Exterior)

Soft surfaces:

  • Children’s toys
  • Pet beds
  • Gym bags
  • Couches/sofas
  • Backpacks

Does Wet & Forget Indoor clean dirty household surfaces?

Wet & Forget Indoor All Purpose Cleaner easily cuts through dirt, grease, and grime tackling tough messes in and around your home on surfaces such as:

  • Stovetop
  • Oven door
  • Countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Flooring
  • Appliances (exterior)
  • Walls

Note: Be sure to rinse all food prep surfaces with water before use.

Sounds good…what do your customers say?

One aspect of Wet & Forget Indoor that I really admire is the fact that it does not contain bleach, or other really harsh chemicals. I like that I was able to use Wet & Forget Indoor without coughing profusely or having to get a mask.

There were no fumes, and the smell was very mild. I have also used Wet & Forget on kitchen counters and in low, dark cupboards — any space that is damp and in need of cleaning and deodorizing.

I was very impressed with how efficiently it cleaned every variety of surface in our apartment. ” -Jessica, The Second Thought Blog

From smelly sneakers to stinky basements, that musty smell won’t stand a chance with this easy to use household cleaner. Disinfect, clean and deodorize surfaces throughout your home with ease using Wet & Forget Indoor.