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The Only Outdoor Cleaner That Linda Uses

By Wet & Forget
Easily get rid of green stains with Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner.

Nine years ago, Linda spent hours on end cleaning up her yard. She was trying to remove moss and algae stains on her outdoor surfaces, such as her deck, retaining wall, and composite siding.

“It’s lakefront property, so there is algae on everything” -Linda D. Apple River, IL.

Like others dealing with these unsightly stains on their home, she used a scrub brush and a bleach-based outdoor cleaner. However, after putting in all that work scrubbing, the moss and algae would always reappear.

That’s when she remembered listening to a home improvement show that mentioned Wet & Forget outdoor cleaner.

“I heard about Wet and Forget, and I thought this sounds a whole lot better than what I was using” -Linda

After years of scrubbing, Linda had enough of the smelly cleaners and a scrub brush. So, she went to her local Menards store and purchased the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate.

Shortly after, she read the instructions and got started. She mixed the concentrate in her garden sprayer and sprayed it onto the exterior of her home and outdoor living spaces.

“It’s easier, and I’m getting older. Plus, everything looks better. It works!” -Linda

Over time, the wind and the rain removed all the green and black stains off her deck, retaining wall, and siding! Nine years later, she is still using our outdoor concentrate cleaner to remove moss and algae stains off her outdoor surface as needed.

Here’s a transformation video of Linda’s retaining wall that she had documented:


“I told all my neighbors because they have the same problem. Two of them are just as excited as I am about Wet & Forget” -Linda

Now that Linda discovered the more efficient and effective method for cleaning up her yard, shouldn’t you as well?

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