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Remove Algae and Lichen off Patio Pavers like Rick

By Wet & Forget
Before and after photos of Wet & Forget being used on bluestone.

It is that time of the year when everyone wants to ensure that their house and patio pavers are clean of any stains. With the sudden change in weather, it can impact how fast organic growth returns to an outdoor living space.

However, this year, there’s no need to pull out the pressure washer. See how Rick V. of Wilmette, IL removed algae and lichen off his patio pavers with one simple and effective product.

“For over 20 years, I have tried everything. I’d pressure wash and bleach wash the house once a year. – Rick V. Wilmette, IL

Rick had spent 20 years of bleaching, scrubbing, and pressure washing but had no long-term success. The black algae and lichen would not budge off the limestone caps, bluestone pavers, concrete walkways, and river rocks surrounding his patio.

After years of tirelessly cleaning his patio pavers, he needed a new, better, and easier solution to eliminate the growth. So, he headed to his local Ace Hardware for guidance.

He told the Ace Hardware employee that he needed something new to treat the algae and lichen on his patio and walkway area. After explaining the different materials in and around his patio space, the employee knew of one product that could do it all. 

The employee suggested Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate and explained the directions to Rick.

“A friendly recommendation from my Ace Hardware millennial.” – Rick V. Wilmette, IL

After the explanation, Rick felt that he was ready to remove the algae and lichen off his patio pavers. 

When Rick got home he was excited to get to work on cleaning his patio space.

“I’ve never had a product where the easiest of the solutions was the best. All I needed was a garden sprayer.” – Rick V. Wilmette, IL

Make sure your home is sparkling clean after using Wet & Forget

First, Rick got his pump-up garden sprayer out, the gallon of Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate and his hose for water. 

Then, he followed the directions on the bottle and mixed one-part Wet & Forget with five-parts water into his garden sprayer. Rick then proceeded to spray down his outdoor places and spaces.

“It’s pretty ironic that the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life has the best results.” – Rick V. Wilmette, IL

Because the Ace Hardware employee told Rick that the product works with the natural elements, he knew all that was left to do now was to wait. He decided to leave the space alone for several weeks to allow the product to work with the rain and wind to clean his patio.

After waiting for a few weeks, Rick went outside to assess the progress of his latest project and was shocked! Wet & Forget had removed all the algae and lichen off his patio pavers.

“Wet & Forget made it simple but comprehensive. I can clean big areas of our home with Wet & Forget so I’m able to get a lot more done with it.” – Rick V. Wilmette, IL

Finally, a cleaner that did not require pressure washing or scrubbing had removed all the green and black stains! Now, he relies on Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate to help him maintain his patio space without any extra scrubbing.

“Give it a try and see for yourself. We are the generation that doesn’t trust anybody.” – Rick V. Wilmette, IL

Rick is just one of many who have had successes following the application of Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate. Feel free to also check out Laurie’s story on how she removed moss and transformed her patio.

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Whether it’s moss, mold, mildew, or algae, let Wet & Forget Outdoor help you clean your house and living spaces.

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