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Total home protection from spiders.

Miss Muffet’s Revenge, perimeter and indoor spider killer. Spiders can run but they can’t hide! Miss Muffet Revenge innovative sprayer was developed to reaches spiders in those hard to reach areas they like to call home. Use the sprayer at any angle or set the nozzle to reach areas up to 12’ from the ground! One application stops spiders in their tracks and keeps them away for up to 12 months!

+ Kills and repels spiders.
+ Total home protection, indoor and outdoor.
+ Up to 12 month’s protection.
+ Convenient ready to use formula.
+ No ladder required for high areas- sprays up to 12’
+ Precision sprayer for on-target application.
Take control of spiders in and around your home with Miss Muffet’s Revenge spider killer. Miss Muffet’s secret weapon is the built-in precision sprayer. Turn the nozzle to the jet setting and take aim at spiders up to 12’ away. The 3’ flex-hose can be turned at any angle without a hitch to address spiders in the corners and crevasses they love to call home. If you’re serious about getting rid of spiders pick-up a bottle of Miss Muffet’s Revenge, the best spider killer spray for total home protection!

What Makes Miss Muffet’s Best Than Other Spider Products?

  • Total Home Protection. Kills spiders inside and creates a barrier to keep them out.
  • Remote trigger accurately sprays up to 12’ to easily target hard-to-reach areas. No ladder needed.
  • No more guesswork or cloudy applications from aerosols and foggers.
  • One application keeps spiders away for up to 12 months.
  • The best spider killer spray.
  • Simply spray cobwebs today, brush down tomorrow.
Application Tips


  • Remove sticker and open flip cap.
  • Pull out coiled hose & extend fully (about 3 feet).
  • Firmly insert hose tip.

NOTE: Once sprayer is connected, keep product upright to avoid leaks through the cap’s breather hole.

Outdoor Application: Apply a 12” band of product along the exterior perimeter of your home. Spray until slightly wet without soaking. For best results, apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge on a clear, dry day when wind and rain aren’t in the forecast. Leave the application for one week, then come back and clean up the cobwebs.

Indoor Spider Control: Apply a 4” band along the interior of your home in areas where spiders are a recurring problem. Spray until slightly wet without soaking. Clean up any cobwebs.

Active Ingredients

Bifenthrin 0.05%
Other Ingredients 99.95%

Where to Use Miss Muffet's Revenge

Common outdoor surfaces for spiders: Spiders are commonly found around the foundations of buildings as well as in eaves, shutters, window corners, hanging from light fixtures, in wood piles and in other debris.

Areas exposed to the weather will need re-application more often than those not exposed to the elements.

Common indoor surfaces for spiders: Spiders can be found most of the year hanging from their webs in corners of dimly lit rooms and in stairwells, basements, garages, crawl spaces, closets, storage areas, boxes, under stairs, on windows, door frames and ceilings and in other less frequently used areas.

Miss Muffet’s Revenge is the most effective spider killer. One application will provide instant protection and continues to work for up 12 months indoors.

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