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Maureen Removes Green Stains with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
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Before discovering Wet & Forget, Maureen M. of Selkirk, ON had to clean her siding practically every week. 

After countless hours of scrubbing, the outcome was subpar. She wanted to try a new cleaning method for green stains but was hesitant that the cleaners would damage the surface.

Prior to using Wet & Forget, nearly 60% of her house was covered in algae. She had been unable to find a solution to remove these unsightly stains.

“I was worried that it would damage the siding. I just stuck with liquid soap and sponges. Within a week, the green was back.” -Maureen

With green algae continuing to grow and leaving stains on Maureens’ siding, she kept an open mind about cleaning alternatives. That is when an ad for Wet & Forget appeared.

What had caught her attention was the easy-to-apply and no-scrubbing process. As a result, it led her to venture over to her local Canadian Tire and Turkstra Lumber

Exterior siding marked with green stains

Siding becomes clean with Wet & Forget

“When I started with Wet & Forget, the green was there for two years. I would say 60-70% of the house had green on it; some areas were worse than others” -Maureen.

After reading the directions for use, Maureen diluted the concentrate and started her algae stain removal process. Maureen first sprayed her siding, then decided to spray her roof, deck, walkway, and fence.

Each surface seemed to attract moss, mold, mildew and algae stains. After she thoroughly saturated the affected surfaces to remove the stains, it was time to wait. There was no need for scrubbing because the wind and rain did that for her.

“I applied it in the evening, and I was shocked. I went out there the next morning expecting to still see algae, and there was nothing. It was absolutely wonderful.” -Maureen

The product had worked. It seemed to have done exactly as advertised because the algae and stains were all gone! She even recommended this product to her family and a stranger in line: 

Although Maureens’ results happened overnight. Some stubborn stains can take up to a few weeks to be fully removed. While black stains could take up to a few months to clear up. Depending on the growth and the environment, the time of the results can vary. 

“I recommended it to my son who has a business working on the exteriors of homes. He was telling me that he had a customer who had the same problem as me and the customer bought it and talked very highly about it.” -Maureen

Maureen relies on Wet & Forget and is confident in its ability to do what it says it will do. 

“A few weeks ago I was in Canadian Tire and the gentleman in front of me in line had a product that said ‘mildew’ on it. I said I had bought a product called Wet & Forget because I had green on my siding and that it was fantastic. I even told him where he could buy it.” -Maureen.

Even after two years, Maureen is still loyal to Wet & Forget and hasn’t thought about going back to her previous cleaning methods. 

Get rid of stubborn mold like Jim with Wet & Forget

Maureen recommends it as an easy and effective solution for removing green stains.

“It is the only stuff I use. I can’t say enough about it. It is fantastic. Any marks on the house and I use Wet & Forget. The front of my house is pure white clean.” -Maureen.

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