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How to Clean a Patio with Wet & Forget Outdoor

By Wet & Forget
Learning how to clean a patio is easy! Wet & Forget Outdoor does the work for you.

Perhaps the most philosophical debate a homeowner encounters is: what’s the difference between a deck and a patio? While we try not to wade into controversial waters too often, we believe that a patio sits at ground level and is typically made from concrete, brick, or stone. 

With that in mind, let’s look at how to clean a patio. 

What Makes Your Patio Dirty? 

While patios may be different from decks, they face many of the same threats to their cleanliness: 

Dirt and mud are probably the most common culprit behind a dirty patio, but they are also the easiest to clean. However, the organic growth that populates the rest of the above list can be pesky and pervasive. 

Algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss thrive in damp environments. However, the first three tend to prefer darker environments, while lichen and moss need sunlight to spur their growth. 

These forms of organic growth can stain your patio, leaving it unsightly. They can also shorten your patio’s lifespan by creating cracks or causing surface deterioration. 

How to Clean Your Patio 

Not sure how to clean your patio? Spray Wet & Forget today and let Mother Nature to the work for you.

Each threat to your patio requires a slightly different response. For instance, while Wet & Forget Outdoor may help stem the tide against organic growth and stains, it isn’t designed to remove dirt and mud. 

Regardless, though, to fully clean your patio of each of these hazards, you’ll need the following: 

Wet & Forget Outdoor is safe to use on virtually any outdoor surface, especially those commonly used in patios: 

  • Brick 
  • Clay 
  • Concrete 
  • Painted or stained surfaces 
  • Stone 

The formula contains no bleach and is non-acidic. With a neutral pH level of 8, Wet & Forget won’t stain your patio unlike bleach and its much higher pH level. 

Its neutral nature also allows Wet & Forget Outdoor to clean gently by working over time with the wind and rain to clean green and black stains. Stains caused by algae should disappear within a few days or weeks.  

Dark stains caused by mold and mildew can take up to a few months to vanish. Particularly stubborn stains that have been on the surface for many years, may take between six months to a year. 

If you’re concerned about Wet & Forget getting into nearby plants or your garden, you can rinse them before and after applying the product to protect them from potential overspray. Should the product accidentally drift into nearby plants, simply rinse the area with fresh water. 

How to Remove Algae, Mold, and Mildew Stains 

Get rid of black stains on your patio with Wet & Forget Outdoor.

When using Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach Hose End, you’ll want to watch the weather report. It’s best to apply it on days that lack wind and rain and when temperatures are at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Once the weather checks out, it’s time to get to work: 

  1. Screw your hose into the back of the Xtreme Reach™ nozzle. 
  2. Attach the fan tip for quick application. 
  3. Turn the On/Off dial to its On position. 
  4. Spray your patio thoroughly. 
  5. Keep pets and people off the surface until it’s completely dry. It will take roughly 4-5 hours for the product to dry.  

That’s it. The spray will work with wind and rain to gently remove any mold and mildew stains over time. Depending on your weather, the humidity, and whether it sits in shade or sunlight, a single application can keep your patio clean for up to a year or longer. 

How to Remove Lichen and Moss 

Lichen is slightly tougher to deal with due to their complex nature. While not much more effort is required, there is a need for some additional steps. 

For lichen: 

  1. Thoroughly spray the surface of the lichen until it’s soaked. 
  2. Wait 15 minutes 
  3. Respray the lichen. 

For moss, you’ll need to spray it until it’s soaked down to the surface it sits on. Over the next couple of days or weeks, the moss will start to brown and detach from the surface. Then wind and rain will work to gently remove anything that remains. 

How to Remove Dirt and Mud 

To remove loose dirt, rocks, and leaves, simply brush your patio with a broom. If doesn’t come clean after brushing the surface, you’re likely battling mold or mildew rather than dirt. If you’re dealing with caked-on mud, you can dampen it with your hose before briskly scrubbing it with your broom.  

If you’re still having issues removing all the mud, you may need to apply more water and let it sit until fully softened. 

What About Power Washing? 

Some people like to prove their machismo by ignoring advice and diving for their power washer before anything else. That, however, would be a mistake. 

Power washers can damage the surface of your patio and make it easier for organic growth and dirt to settle in the cracks. That will make it more difficult to remove these stains later on. 

If you’re not careful, a power washer can also damage your home’s siding, break its windows, or remove stain or paint from surfaces. So, while it may be fun to use a power washer, paying expensive repair bills tends to be less so. 

Where Can You Find Wet & Forget Outdoor Products? 

It doesn’t take much effort or preparation to give your patio the cleaning it deserves, especially when you have Wet & Forget Outdoor products at your side. So, head to our online store or your nearby retailer today!