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Top 2023 Wet & Forget Outdoor FAQs

By Wet & Forget
Clean outdoor surfaces with Wet & Forget

At Wet & Forget, our goal is to help you easily and effectively clean your home’s indoor and outdoor surfaces. Here we’ll cover our top Wet & Forget Outdoor FAQs.

Will Wet & Forget Outdoor damage my plants?

Product overspray that hasn’t been rinsed from foliage can cause temporary brown spots.

To prevent spotting, spray all nearby plants and grass with water before you apply Wet & Forget Outdoor. Spray plants with water again after applying the product to rinse away overspray.

You can also cover foundation plants and potted plants with a plastic tarp to protect them from overspray.

Will Wet & Forget Outdoor effect my pets?

Keep people and pets off surfaces for a period of 4 to 6 hours after product application, or until surfaces are completely dry. Once the surface is dry, the product is no longer active so you and your and pets can safely move about. Rain will not reactivate the product.

If your pet accidentally steps on a wet surface, then rinse paws with water to prevent licking.

Is Wet & Forget Outdoor safe for all outdoor surfaces?

Wet & Forget Outdoor is safe to use on virtually any outdoor surface.

Wet and Forget Outdoor eliminates algae, moss, lichen, mold, and mildew with no scrubbing or pressure washing required. Apply Wet & Forget Outdoor to any outside surface, including:

  • Concrete Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Fiberglass
  • Brick
  • Painted and textured surfaces
  • Gravestones
  • Boats
  • Awnings
  • RVs
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Roofs
  • Decks and more!

Clean your pool deck with Wet & Forget Outdoor

Can I paint or stain outdoor surfaces after applying Wet & Forget Outdoor?

Yes! Once the surface is growth-free it is ready for paint or stain.

To apply Wet & Forget Outdoor to a surface you wish to paint or stain –

  • Apply the product on a cool, dry day.
  • Thoroughly saturate the surface with Wet & Forget Outdoor.
  • Then, allow the product to dry.
  • Wet & Forget will work over time with the rain and wind to gently clean up the green and black stains.

The time it takes to remove stains and growths will vary according to the degree of staining and how much rain the surface receives. Green stains typically clean up in 1-2 weeks, whereas black stains clean up in a few months.

We advise waiting for the growth to come off the surface fully first, to prevent the dead growth from becoming sealed into the surface by the paint or stain. If this occurs, the growth can come back more quickly.

Is Wet & Forget Outdoor safe for painted or stained outdoor surfaces?

Absolutely! Treat your deck, home exterior, or other outdoor surfaces once a year to keep unsightly growths at bay. And, to extend the life of painted and stained surfaces.   

What is the shelf life of Wet & Forget Outdoor?

Wet & Forget Outdoor has an unlimited shelf life. So, you can store any remaining product in the original container. It won’t harm the sprayer it is stored in. Wet & Forget Outdoor won’t lose its cleaning power.

Place the container in a covered area such as a garage, basement, or storage shed – any sheltered area where temperatures stay above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round.

Keep the container cap tightly closed to prevent product evaporation. Store any remaining product out of the reach of children.

Additionally, any remaining product left in a garden sprayer can be stored in the sprayer for future use. It will work just as well the next time you reach for it. 

What is in Wet & Forget Outdoor?

The active ingredient in Wet & Forget Outdoor is alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. This ingredient is present in many common household sprays and in anti-bacterial wipes.

Wet & Forget Outdoor doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, lye, or trisodium phosphate.

These smelly chemicals can permanently damage surfaces. Plus, any overspray or runoff can negatively affect the environment.

How does Wet & Forget Outdoor compare to other outdoor cleaners?

Wet & Forget Outdoor’s cleaning formula has a pH of 8, which is close to the pH of water (pH 7) and slightly alkaline. Most over-the-counter mold and mildew cleaning products have a higher pH of 11, 12, or 13.

That means they are more alkaline and therefore they’re more caustic. Each increase in pH value represents a 10-fold increase in alkalinity.

A near-neutral pH means Wet & Forget Outdoor won’t damage outdoor surfaces. Simply spray the product on outdoor surfaces and let dry to gently eliminate ugly stains and growths, over time.

Wet & Forget Outdoor’s lower pH is better for the environment because once the product is dry, it is no longer active. Other cleaning brands require rinsing which can send harsh chemicals into the environment.

And, since Wet & Forget Outdoor requires no rinsing, you’ll save time and conserve water.

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