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Algae-Covered Surfaces are No Match for Margo

By Wet & Forget
Before and after cleaning algae-covered gravestone with Wet & Forget.

Margo’s father spent many laborious hours trying to clean loved ones’ gravestones. He quickly grew tired of completing this task every year, so his daughter Margo decided to step in and help. Read on to find out why algae-covered surfaces are no longer a battle for Margo and her father.

“It would always bother my dad that he couldn’t get the stones clean, so I took over the upkeep.” – Margo W. Princeton, WV

In the past, Margo’s dad would use soap and water to remove the persistent black algae. However, Margo was confident that she could find an easier solution to their problem.

“My dad would talk about hunting for something to clean it with, but it was a thorn in his side.” – Margo W.

She turned to Google with hopes of finding the perfect product to treat algae-covered surfaces. As a result of her search, Margo discovered Wet & Forget.

The reviews and photos others shared of cleaned up stained gravestones blew her away! She even found a blog post on How to Clean a Headstone with Wet & Forget

“I had seen some pictures and I didn’t know what else to try so when I Googled ‘Wet & Forget’, it had a lot of positive feedback. I wanted to give it a try myself.” – Margo W.

After reading about the positive experiences, Margo went out to her local hardware store to purchase and try it out herself. 

She was so excited to finally have a product to clean the algae-covered surfaces! She read the instructions on the bottle and got to work.

She began by bringing out her pump-up garden sprayer and mixing one-part Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate with five-parts water. With the sprayer in hand, she was ready to go! 

“I treated some gravestones and a rock sign at the park.” – Margo W.

Margo and her dad chose a cool, dry day to head out to clean up the algae-covered surfaces. The gravestone and park sign were rather large, she made sure to fully saturate both surfaces which only takes a few minutes.

Due to Margo’s prior research, she knew that patience would be key with this product. Hence why she and her dad decided to wait a month before returning to see the results. 

When they returned, both Margo and her dad were astounded by the results. The park sign and gravestone were now transforming back to their original color. 

“We were amazed. We put the first coat on and waited a month; every time we went back, it was cleaner. We couldn’t believe how white it was.”  – Margo W.

Since Wet & Forget Outdoor works with the natural elements, no scrubbing is required after the application. Now, Margo and her dad only rely on Wet & Forget to clean black algae-covered surfaces. 

“Fast, easy and fabulous results!” – Margo W.

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives do not always allow us to prioritize cleaning stained surfaces. What once was a time consuming chore is now a few minutes of spraying annually for Margo and her family!

“I’m telling everybody about it.” – Margo W.

To learn more about the product that Margo used, click here. Feel free to also check out this short video on how to apply Wet & Forget Outdoor.

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