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Clean Up Mold and Mildew like Terri with Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget

For many homeowners finding an easy yet effective cleaning method for cleaning exterior surfaces can be tricky and expensive. Read on to learn more about how one Florida couple stopped spending hours on end trying to clean up mold and mildew on their home.

Terri and her husband from Leesburg, FL were looking for a product that would clean the mold and mildew growth from their home exterior. Stubborn growth would frequently appear due to the tropical weather conditions of Central Florida and they were tired of cleaning their outdoor surfaces just to see regrowth a few weeks later.

In the past, Terri and her husband would use bleach-based products or a pressure washer to remove growth from their home. They usually found themselves cleaning their home at least three to four times a year.

Terri knew of the long-term damages caused by power washing, and that using bleach could damage the surfaces it is applied to. She was hoping to find a safer solution to her mold and mildew problem.

“Bleach breaks down the material over time because it is so corrosive.” -Terri F. Leesburg, FL

Luckily, one day while working at a hardware store, Terri’s husband learned about Wet & Forget. He was intrigued that it was a product that can keep an exterior surface clean for up to a year, so he did even more research about the product and told Terri what he learned.

Terri loved that Wet & Forget didn’t contain any bleach and that no scrubbing was needed. So, Terri and her husband were willing to try out Wet & Forget to see if it would clean up the mold and mildew on their house. 

They decided to test out Wet & Forget Outdoor on their walkway. But they decided to put a little twist to it. The Florida residents would write out a message using the product.

Woman spraying Wet & Forget Concentrate

They then started to prepare the Wet & Forget Concentrate mixture into their garden sprayer accordingly: 

  1. Measure out 1-part Wet & Forget to 5-parts Water.
  2. Pour the Wet & Forget Concentrate into your pump-up garden sprayer.
  3. Then, fill your sprayer with water.
  4. Once you’ve diluted the Wet & Forget Concentrate, spray down the areas you want to treat. 

Once the Wet & Forget mixture was created, she wrote out the message.

When Terri was done applying Wet & Forget, she walked away. After all, Wet & Forget products work with the natural elements over time. 

“We read up on Wet & Forget and decided to try some out, outside. We even wrote a little message to see if it’d work.” -Terri F. Leesburg, FL

Message in sidewalk after applying Wet & Forget

14 weeks later and the written message appeared! Wet & Forget had made a difference by cleaning up the mold and mildew that darkened their walkways.

Due to their fun test idea’s success, Terri applied Wet & Forget onto her gutters and driveway. The same results followed- mold and mildew-free a few weeks later!

“Spray it down and forget about it for a while.” -Terri F. Leesburg, FL

Terri was so impressed with the results that she even applied Wet & Forget to her small business facilities! She and her husband operate several self-storage properties and can now clean and maintain the storage sites with ease.

“The surfaces would stay clean for 18 months to 2 years!” -Terri F. Leesburg, FL

They like that they no longer have to spend hours on end trying to clean up mold and mildew. Terri and her husband can just rely on Wet & Forget to make their home and business facility all nice and clean. 

Use Wet & Forget to clean various outdoor surfaces!

“Thank you for producing such an excellent and effective product that doesn’t make the area deteriorate like what happens when you use bleach and acids.” -Terri F. Leesburg, FL

What started as a test run with the use of Wet & Forget Outdoor had Terri and her husband becoming lifelong Wet & Forget users. Terri and her husband now use the Wet & Forget Weekly Shower Cleaner too!

The Wet & Forget Shower is formulated to remove and keep away soap scum, oil, and grime. It will also clean mold and mildew stains on hard, non-porous shower surfaces with weekly use. Terri and her husband love that they no longer have to spend hours scrubbing their shower. 

Now, cleaning the exterior and interior of her home and small business operation facilities is a breeze! Just take it from Terri and her husband.

Clean up mold and mildew wherever you live with Wet & Forget! Learn more about the complete line of Wet & Forget products.

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