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Get Rid of Stubborn Mold Like Jim

By Wet & Forget
Get rid of stubborn mold like Jim with Wet & Forget

Jim H. from Easthampton, MA, was tired of power washing his outdoor surfaces to get rid of stubborn mold. The vinyl siding and sidewalks around his home were especially troublesome for Jim as he frequently saw dark mold spots appear.

Read on to learn more about how Jim got rid of the stubborn mold on his outdoor surfaces!

In the past, Jim would power wash the outside of his home to remove mold growth and stains it left behind. He was frustrated with this method as he couldn’t safely reach all of the areas he needed to clean with his power washer without having to use a ladder.

Additionally, the growth would start to reappear soon after he cleaned the surfaces. Jim didn’t want to have to power wash his vinyl siding and sidewalks multiple times a year because not only was it inconvenient, but he knew power washing could damage his surfaces. So, Jim was ready to try something new to get rid of the mold for good.

He was looking on the internet for a product to get rid of mold from vinyl siding and sidewalks when he came across Wet & Forget. He read some of the reviews and liked what he saw, so he decided to try some out for himself.

“I found out about Wet & Forget online and figured why not give it a try” -Jim H. Easthampton, MA.

Jim decided to try the Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End because he liked the idea of attaching it to his garden hose to apply. Since the Xtreme Reach™ Hose End reaches up to 30 ft, Jim also liked that he could safely reach all of the high areas of his home while standing on the ground.

clean your siding

“The Xtreme Reach™ product is easy to use with fantastic results” -Jim H. 

Jim was pleased with his Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End application as he simply attached the nozzle to his garden hose, picked which spray setting was best for his application, and turned the dial to the “ON” setting after turning on his water spigot.

A few weeks after his initial application of Wet & Forget, Jim already started to notice a difference in his siding and sidewalks. The dark black and green colored mold began to turn brown in color, and a few weeks after that, the growth was completely gone!

Jim could finally say goodbye to his power washing routine as Wet & Forget removed his stubborn mold from his outdoor surfaces without aggressive solutions.

“Wet & Forget kept the growth off for about a year, so I was applying less often and cleaning much less frequently than with a power washer” -Jim H.

Jim was so pleased with his results that he applied Wet & Forget to other outdoor surfaces around his home, including his pool surround. He even branched out further and purchased Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use to apply to smaller outdoor areas with mold growth.

“Wet & Forget has a great name- the product does what it says it does with great results.” -Jim H. 

Try out Wet & Forget Outdoor today, and remove stubborn mold growth easily like Jim.

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