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Tom’s Secret to Removing Moss on the Roof

By Wet & Forget
Before and After using Wet & Forget for roof moss

You can expect to see lots of uninvited organisms like moss atop your home when you live in a state known for its rainy and cool weather patterns. Tom S. from Port Townsend, WA, is one of many who are frequently removing moss on the roof.

Although moss may look innocent, these green, fuzzy organisms can be detrimental to your home and roof’s lifespan.

Tom S. had tried many different methods and solutions to prevent the moss from returning. But the green stains would always reappear!

“Power washing would take hours, and other products were just okay at removing the moss.” -Tom S. Port Townsend, WA.

After unsuccessful and time-consuming attempts at removing moss on his roof, Tom decided to take to the web. After searching high and low, he caught wind of Wet & Forget.

Tom liked Wet & Forget because it is not a bleach-based product. Moreover, the product will keep new moss, mold, mildew, or algae from forming for up to a year!

The application is easy- just mix the product in a garden sprayer and spray it onto exterior surfaces. After that, Mother Nature will step in and do the rest!

So, Tom decided to purchase a gallon of the Wet & Forget Concentrate to help remove moss. Since he had some leftover, he applied it onto his driveway and deck too.

“Within a couple of days, you can see the moss turn from green to brown.” -Tom S.

As time went on, Tom started to notice the difference. The moss was falling off of his roof, and the green algae on his driveway and deck had disappeared!

With the amazing results that followed, he knew that he’d finally found a solution to his problems- Wet & Forget.

“Some algae or slick stain was growing on the deck, so I sprayed that too.” -Tom S. 

However, thanks to the wet rainy environment in Washington the moss slowly reappeared the following year, which meant he needed to replenish his Wet & Forget supply. This time he had to branch out because the Wet & Forget Concentrate was out of stock.

So, he decided to explore the other Wet & Forget Outdoor options.

“I went over to your website and online store. That’s where I learned about the Xtreme Reach™.” -Tom S. 

Although he was hesitant about the Xtreme Reach™ Hose End, he says the video resources and reviews were of great help. Furthermore, Tom liked the application method better.

All he had to do now was hook the bottle up to his garden hose and turn the black dial! No more mixing in a pump-up sprayer and moving the ladder around.

“It looked easier, and I like that I don’t have to get up on the roof.” -Tom S. 

In addition, he no longer has to climb up a ladder because the nozzle can reach up to 30 feet high. This feature makes it super easy to reach the higher-up areas of your home in a breeze.

“The high peaks can be tricky to get to, so I like that it’s a safer alternative. And, it’s reliable and effective.” -Tom S. 

So, removing moss on the roof just got even easier and safer with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End.

Start your spring cleaning now! Get rid of roof moss easily.

How to use Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End to treat moss, mold, mildew, or algae:
  1. Check the weather forecast. Do not apply when rainfall is forecasted for at least 4 to 5 hours. Apply the product when it is above 55-degrees on an overcast day with no wind.
  2. Attach Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End to your garden hose.
  3. Turn your water spigot on.
  4. Turn the black dial to the ‘WATER’ setting. Rinse any nearby plants or shrubbery to prevent product overspray.
  5. When you’re ready to spray down the exterior surface, turn the black dial to the ‘ON’ setting. The product will siphon out and mix with the incoming water.
  6. Thoroughly saturate the surface with Wet & Forget.
  7. Once finished, turn the black dial back to the ‘WATER’ setting and rinse plants again.
  8. Then finally, turn the black dial to the ‘OFF’ setting. Turn your water spigot off.
  9. Let the product dry.
“It only takes about 15 minutes to spray my whole roof!” -Tom S.

Now, Tom no longer has to worry about cleaning moss, mold, mildew, or algae off his home’s exterior. He’s able to clean the green and black stains on all exterior surfaces with just one product, thanks to Wet & Forget!

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