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Gary’s Home is Sparkling Clean After Using Wet & Forget

By Wet & Forget
Make sure your home is sparkling clean after using Wet & Forget

Gary became hooked on using Wet & Forget products after areas of his house went from super dirty to sparkling clean after using Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner and Wet & Forget Outdoor.

Read on to learn just how easily Gary cleaned up various surfaces around his home using his Wet & Forget products! 

Gary had first heard about Wet & Forget Outdoor after researching outdoor cleaning products online. He was looking for a product to remove algae from his patio. He liked that the outdoor product wouldn’t kill his grass compared to other products that he had used in the past.

Gary had tried various other methods to clean his patio. However, after endless scrubbing and no results, he almost gave up! 

He then decided to give Wet & Forget Outdoor a try. Gary applied Wet & Forget one time and has never used anything else since.

After first applying the product, he already started to notice a change in the growth on his patio. A day later, the algae was completely gone. Wet & Forget Outdoor has also helped maintain the cleanliness of his patio.

Gary loves that Wet & Forget Outdoor doesn’t have a bleach smell. It is also easy for him to protect his plants by thoroughly rinsing them before and after application. 

“Wet & Forget has amazing cleaning products that are extremely easy to use and are very effective” -Gary B. Smithville, MO.

Clean your showers like Gary

Gary was amazed by the results of Wet & Forget Outdoor. He then saw an ad for the Wet & Forget Shower and had to give it a try.

In the past, Gary had tried cleaning the soap scum and oils off his shower with an array of different products. Nothing was cutting through the soap scum build-up on his shower. Gary and his wife became tired of frequently scrubbing the shower as it quickly became a lot of work.

Gary then decided to use the Wet & Forget Shower on his porcelain shower as well as on the metal fixtures and showerhead.

“My shower is clean as could be” -Gary B.

Gary also used the Wet & Forget Shower to clean his bathtub, and it worked great there too!

“My shower looks brand new, I have never seen anything work like that, and very few products impressed me before this” -Gary B.

Gary’s cleaning routine changed because all he has to do was rinse down his shower the day after applying, and it was clean- no more scrubbing!

“Cleaning my shower every week was really frustrating until I got this!” -Gary B.

Gary has since told his friends all about Wet & Forget products and has even gifted some of our products to his family members!

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