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Top 5 Green Growth-prone Surfaces to Clean on St. Patrick’s Day

By Wet & Forget
Get rid of moss on your roof with Wet & Forget.

Ahh…it’s early spring. The grass is green, and the snow is melting. But, what’s that green-colored growth on your shingles? It may be roof moss.

Here we cover how to remove unsightly growths from vinyl siding, roofs, sidewalks, and wood fences. Banish algae, moss, and lichen from your home’s exterior surfaces with these early-spring cleaning tips.

How to Remove Green Algae from Vinyl Siding

Green algae can grow anywhere there is moisture and shade. That’s why you’ll notice it on vinyl siding, mainly on the north side of your home. Green algae looks like a green, slippery coating growing on vinyl siding and other outdoor surfaces.

Why is Algae Growing on my Vinyl Siding?

Clean green growth on your vinyl siding

Although vinyl siding is made of non-organic materials, it will accumulate dust, dirt, and bits of debris from the natural environment. These organic substances stick to your vinyl siding, which leaves algae an opportunity to take hold and grow. 

Green algae cling to outdoor surfaces by secreting a sticky substance. This algae ‘glue’ grabs on and holds tight.

Has your vinyl siding turned green? Get rid of ugly algae with Wet & Forget. Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End makes getting rid of ugly algae growth on your vinyl siding easy.

Treat unwelcome growths on your vinyl siding, roof, driveway – any large surface, in minutes with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End.

How to Remove Green Algae from Vinyl Siding
  1. Attach Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End to your garden hose. 
  2. Turn on the water spigot and turn the black dial on the nozzle counterclockwise to the ‘ON’ setting. This will draw the product out of the bottle and mix it with the incoming water. 
  3. Then, apply the solution starting from the top of your siding, working your way down. 
  4. Once your siding has been treated, turn the black dial clockwise to the ‘OFF’ setting. Then turn off your water spigot. 
  5. You’re done! Wet & Forget will work with the rain and wind to do the scrubbing for you.
Why is Algae Growing on my Outdoor Window Ledges?

Algae on window sill

The same reason algae grows on vinyl siding is why it also shows up on exterior window ledges. You’ll often see it growing on window ledges on the north side of your home because water sits on the window ledge. 

Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use, is specially formulated for small-scale cleaning jobs like exterior window ledges, planters boxes,  porch steps, patio umbrellas – virtually any small-scale outdoor surface. This is the perfect solution if you are looking to quickly treat small surfaces. Wet & Forget Concentrate will also work well if you have quite a few surfaces to clean in addition to a smaller surface.

Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use comes in a pre-mixed formula, so there’s no measuring or mixing required.

Just spray the surface with Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use. You’re done!

The attached trigger sprayer can reach up to 10 feet high, making applying the product quick and easy. Getting rid of algae is a breeze!

Why is Moss Growing on my Roof?

Roof moss is an eyesore. And, if it’s not removed, then it can end up damaging your roof.

Moss is a plant that grows in moist, shady locations. That’s why you’ll often see it growing on the north side of your roof.

Moss has root-like structures called rhizoids. These rhizoids can burrow into your roof shingles causing pitting, and cracking.

Moss can also force shingles up, lifting them away from your roof. This can make the interior of your home susceptible to water damage.

Therefore, it’s important to remove moss as soon as possible to stop it from spreading further and causing major damage that can be very costly.

You’ll want to use the Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End to banish ugly moss from roof shingles and outdoor surfaces.

The powerful Xtreme Reach™ nozzle sprays the product up to 30 feet high, so you can safely treat your roof in minutes. No ladder climbing is required.

It’s easy to clean your roof with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End. Just spray and forget it!

I see greenish-black growths and stains on my sidewalk. What is it?

It could be lichen or moss. Lichen often appears as flat, bluish-green crusty splotches. Whereas moss usually looks green and fuzzy. 

Lichen is a combination of two or more organisms – usually algae and fungus. Algae and fungus team up to form a multi-layered growth that grabs outdoor surfaces and holds tight.

Moss is a green, fuzzy growth that often grows in the seams and cracks of shady sidewalks.

Moss sends out tiny roots. These roots can burrow down into your sidewalk seams and cracks, making them larger. This can damage your sidewalk.

Wet & Forget Concentrate is the perfect solution for eliminating lichen, moss, and green growth from sidewalks, patio pavers, wood decks – most any outdoor surface.

Just mix Wet & Forget Concentrate with water in a tank sprayer and spray surfaces. Using a tank sprayer allows you to quickly treat the surfaces while eliminating overspray on landscape and surrounding areas. Wet & Forget works over time with the wind and rain to banish ugly sidewalk growths.

When treating lichen, spray Wet & Forget on, wait 15 minutes, and retreat the surface. The second application will get into the inner layer of the lichen.

Wet & Forget Concentrate, along with all the Wet & Forget Outdoor products, is bleach-free, non-acidic, and phosphate-free, making it safe to use on virtually any outdoor surface.

And it keeps ugly growths and stains away for up to a year, or even longer. Simple and easy!

how to remove green algae from vinyl siding

What’s that greenish-blue growth on my fence?

Do you have splotchy, greenish-blue patches on your fence? It’s most likely lichen.

Lichen will grow on almost any exterior wood surface, including wood fences, decks, and outdoor furniture. This scaly growth will form any place there’s moisture and sunlight. And once it takes hold, it can be tough to get rid of.  

Wet & Forget Outdoor wipes out lichen on wood fences with no scrubbing, bleaching, or pressure washing required. And it can keep lichen away for up to a year or more, in most cases.

So, close the door on ugly, green growth with Wet & Forget Outdoor this St. Patrick’s Day!