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Prep Your Outdoor Living Space For the 4th of July

By Wet & Forget
backyard fourth of July

If you’re planning to celebrate July 4th at home this year, it’s important to clean your outdoor living space. Here’s how-tos and tips on cleaning your outdoor surfaces with Wet & Forget.

How can I clean my deck?

Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End cleans decks, patios, porches, pergolas, and large pathways – most any outdoor walking surface! Whether your deck is composite, pressure-treated lumber, natural wood, or exotic hardwood, Wet & Forget eliminates ugly stains due to mold, mildew, moss, lichen, and algae.

And, it keeps ugly growths from coming back for up to a year, or even longer!

Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End works with the wind and rain to clean deck surfaces over time. No backbreaking scrubbing required.

Can I clean my driveway and wide walkways with Wet & Forget?

Yes, you most certainly can! Enhance your curb appeal this summer by ridding your driveway and large walkways of any moss or algae.

With the potential increase in foot traffic, make sure your house is picture perfect. Passing neighbors are sure to notice how clean your driveway is.

For more ways to up your curb appeal, check out these simple and easy tips.

Common driveway and wide walkway materials that Wet & Forget is safe to use on include:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Gravel

Now, your house will shine through all the ugly growths that were once hiding your home.

Reapply Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End to the affected surface when regrowth emerges.

Can I clean my pool and pool surroundings? 

You can also treat your pool surroundings with Wet & Forget. Clean the pool decking, liners, cages, tiling, and more to ensure a summer free of any green and black stains.

Wet & Forget is nearly pH neutral making it safe to use on virtually any outdoor surface and material.

Algae can be slick, so it’s a great idea to clean it up on your pool deck with Wet & Forget.

Here’s how to clean decks, patios, porches, and outdoor flooring with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End: 

First, check the weather forecast for chances of rain before you spray. For best results, apply the product when it can thoroughly dry on the surface (a period of 4 to 5 hours). Choose a day when the weather is cool and dry.

  1. Attach the bottle to your garden hose.
  2. Attach the fan tip to the nozzle.
  3. Turn the black dial counterclockwise to the “ON” setting.
  4. Spray affected surfaces on your patio with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End.

Just spray the surface and you’re done! Wet & Forget does the tough work for you and keeps your patio looking new. The easy spray-on-and-leave formula works with the weather to eliminate ugly deck stains – no scrubbing or pressure washing required!

If needed, retreat your patio yearly, or at the first sign of re-growth.

Special product instructions for lichen:

Lichen is different from other growths due to its complex, multi-layered structure. They tend to be more stubborn and therefore harder to eliminate.

Here’s how to wipe out lichen on your outdoor living space with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End:

  1. Spray lichen-affected areas with Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach™ Hose End. Be sure to saturate the growth with the product.
  2. Wait 15 minutes.
  3. Repeat step 1, above.

Treating lichen-infested areas twice is the best way to penetrate tough lichen, to banish it from outdoor flooring.

How do I clean outdoor furniture with Wet & Forget?

Over time, your patio furniture can take on ugly moss, mold, and mildew stains. Prep your outdoor living space and backyard furniture for the patriotic celebration with Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use or with the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate.

Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use and the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate works with the wind and rain to stamp out ugly stains on outdoor and backyard furniture. It contains no bleach or harsh chemicals so it’s gentle on outdoor surfaces.

Here’s how to clean outdoor furniture using the Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use or with the Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate:

  1. Either attach the trigger sprayer to the container or mix one-part of the Wet & Forget Concentrate to five-parts water in a pump-up garden sprayer. 
  2. Spray the dirty surface with Wet & Forget.
  3. Let the furniture dry overnight.
  4. The next morning, rinse the surface with the garden hose.
  5. You’re done!
Honor a Veteran by Cleaning a Headstone or Memorial

July 4th is coming soon and there’s no better time to honor the veterans who are no longer with us.

Over time, ugly growth can cover headstones, making them difficult to read.

Wet & Forget Outdoor eliminates tough growth and stains on gravestones, making your loved one’s memorial stone beautiful and readable, again.  

Wet & Forget gently cleans grave markers, headstones, tombstones, and monuments, removing ugly moss, mold, mildew, and algae growth. It contains no bleach or harsh chemicals so it safely cleans headstones without affecting surfaces.

Here’s how to clean a headstone with Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate:

  1. Mix 1 part Wet & Forget Outdoor with 5 parts water in a pump-up garden sprayer.
  2. Fully saturate the headstone.
  3. You’re done! Wet & Forget Outdoor does the hard work for you – no scrubbing required!
  4. Treat headstones once a year, or at the first sign of re-growth.

Don’t let ugly stains delay your backyard Fourth of July fun! Get rid of moss, mold, and mildew with Wet & Forget!

Learn more about the complete line of Wet & Forget Cleaners to clean the inside and outside your home.

Find a store near you that carries Wet & Forget to get your outdoor spaces and places stain-free.