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Preserve Pumpkins with Wet & Forget!

By Wet & Forget
Pumpkin preservation is easy with Wet & Forget

Boo! Don’t get spooked with mold and mildew growing on your Jack-o’-lanterns. Whether it’s for a pumpkin carving contest or a decoration for your front porch, make your carvings last for weeks with this easy preservation method.

Read on to find out how Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use can help you preserve pumpkins this Halloween. 

What are the different methods for preserving pumpkins?

Pumpkins make for an excellent breeding ground for organic growth because of the moisture and shade it provides. Common methods used to preserve pumpkins include bleach, petroleum jelly, silica gel, coat paint, and Wet & Forget Outdoor Ready-to-Use.

Although these are everyday household items, many of them are not the best option for preserving pumpkins. Some methods work better than others, but there is one method that truly triumphs.

There are various types of pumpkin preservation methods such as…

  1. Pouring silica gel inside the Jack-o’-lantern. 
  2. Rubbing the inside, cutouts, and the bottom of the lid with petroleum jelly. 
  3. Spraying clear coat paint on the inside, the underside of the cover, and the cutouts. 
  4. Soaking the Jack-o’-lantern in a bleach bath. Spraying the pumpkin a few times a week with a bleach solution. 
  5. Sprayed the Jack-o’-lantern with Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use. Then spraying the pumpkin a few times, a week with the Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use. 

Can you guess which one was able to preserve the pumpkin the longest? Some of the methods only preserved pumpkins for a few days, but the superior method that kept both mold and mildew away for the longest period of time was using Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use!

Don’t believe us? Check out the photos below.

How do I apply Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use to my pumpkin?

preserve pumpkins with wet and forget

To protect your orange gourd:

  1. Clean out the pumpkin thoroughly. Remove all of the pumpkin seeds and guts.
  2. Spray your pumpkin with the Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use product. Be sure to spray all corners and crevices of your carving as well as the full interior and lid.
  3. Let it dry. 
  4. If you’re in a warmer and humid climate, we recommend spraying your pumpkin down every few days to upkeep your pumpkin. If you’re in a cooler climate, spraying your pumpkin once a week is sufficient.

*Keep treated pumpkins out of reach of children and animals. Do not ingest pumpkins sprayed with Wet & Forget.

See how we preserved a pumpkin for 41 days with Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use!

Is this some sort of witchcraft?

Pumpkin Preservations with Wet and Forget

Nope! It’s just the Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use casting a spell on the pumpkin to live up to 30 days.

Want to see even more proof? Check out these Pumpkin Preservation Challenges from 2015 and 2016.

I think I might try this out! Where can I purchase Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use?

Want this magical product that helps to preserve pumpkins? Check out our Store Locator to find a store near you that carries Wet & Forget Ready-to-Use.

Learn how to preserve your carved pumpkins with this quick and easy method! Your Jack-o'-lantern can last up to a month!