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Laurie Removed Moss & Transformed Her Patio!

By Wet & Forget

Laurie first heard about Wet & Forget when she saw it for sale at a local store. She picked it up hoping that she could clean the exterior surfaces of her cottage and patio.

She said the area gets very damp. Excess moisture creates the perfect environment for moss, mold, mildew, and algae to thrive.

In the past, Laurie tried using other outdoor cleaning products, but nothing worked. She also tried scrubbing the black stains and scraping away at the moss, but it was back-breaking work. Her patio had moss in between every brick, and it was impossible to dig out.

Wet & Forget was the perfect solution to her problem. She didn’t have to do the tedious job of trying to remove the moss and stains by hand because Wet & Forget did the hard work for her.

“We sprayed and it was like a miracle, and it was all gone.” -Laurie P. from Grand Rapids, MI

Clean up green and black stains on your patio furniture with Wet & Forget!

Laurie used Wet & Forget on her patio, roof shingles, window boxes, cement walls, fences, and siding. She removed the black stains on her patio furniture and deck boxes. Laurie’s white Adirondack chairs had developed dark stains as well, especially in the ridges.

She sprayed the chairs with Wet & Forget and was amazed at the results she saw. The black stains were gone, and her white chairs looked new again. She said Wet & Forget transformed her patio.

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“This product works better than you even hope it will… it went from a huge job to a really small job.” -Laurie P.

Laurie had a 2 ft high wall made of 100-year-old rocks that were almost completely covered in black growth. After cleaning the stones with Wet & Forget, the wall looks almost new.

She has used Wet & Forget for about four years now and recommends it to all her friends. Laurie said Wet & Forget exceeded all her hopes, and it has completely changed her cleaning routine.

She loves how easy it is to use, and that it’s safe on her patio furniture. Wet & Forget is a gentle cleanser.

After applying Wet & Forget to your outdoor furniture, give the surfaces a quick rinse with water before use. Laurie loves how simple outdoor cleaning is with Wet & Forget.

“It was so easy to use, and the results were so good… When you have a patio and furniture and all sorts of problems it’s a big deal. It definitely made it a ton easier, one of the best products we’ve seen.” -Laurie P. 

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