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Peter Saved His Roof from Lichen & Moss Damage

By Wet & Forget
Lichen and moss on a roof.

Peter lives in a rural, coastal community in Maine. The climate is usually quite damp, which leads to rapid growth of moss, lichen, and algae.

Two years ago, Peter saw Wet & Forget on sale at a hardware store. He asked the salesperson if customers liked it, and the salesperson said they heard good reviews.

He wanted to get rid of the green and black stains that had appeared over time on several areas around his home. Both moss and lichen were growing on his roof, so he wanted to find an effective roof cleaner.

Peter also had problems with algae, mold, and mildew growing on his siding as well. He had used another outdoor cleaner on his siding years ago, and nothing happened, so he was a little nervous but decided to give it a try.

Before Wet & Forget, Peter had used a lot of different methods and roof cleaners to get rid of green and black stains on his outdoor surfaces. But he could never get the areas as clean as he wanted.

Peter used to try to remove the growth by brushing, scraping it off, and using a pressure washer. He didn’t see much improvement on his siding or shingles, so none of these techniques gave him great results.

“We used bleach at one point and TSP, and that’s not great for the plants.” -Peter C. from Harrington, ME

He also tried another type of outdoor roof cleaner and was displeased because it got on to his windows and wouldn’t come off. Peter needed a safer and easier outdoor cleaning solution that could help him tackle all these problems without the hassle.

Roof Lichen

Use Wet & Forget to clean lichen from your roof.

Peter noticed a lot of lichen growth developing on the edges of his asphalt roof shingles. He went onto the roof and saw that the lichen was covering the roof and starting to eat into the shingles.

He knew he had to do something to take care of it because he didn’t want to replace the roof. In the fall, Peter sprayed his entire roof with Wet & Forget and left it alone.

Then in the early spring, he walked around the back side of his house and checked on his roof. Peter said he did a double take and couldn’t believe that most of the lichen was gone.

He sprayed again when the weather got warmer, and now all the lichen is gone.

“After six months I still can’t believe the results. The lichen dried up and was washed off by the rain and snow.” -Peter C.

Peter never got the results he wanted with other products, but he’s happy with the results he gets with Wet & Forget and has recommended it to several people. He suggested it to his neighbor and even helped her with the application.

He said there was lots of thick growth on the north side of her house, and it looked better within a month. Peter has used Wet & Forget to clean a variety of outdoor surfaces including; roof shingles, vinyl siding, aluminum trim, gutters, and headstones.

“Wet & Forget is easy to use and effective on many surfaces.” -Peter C.

Peter appreciates how easy it is to apply, and it saves him the trouble of scrubbing by hand. He said his outdoor surfaces look much better and Wet & Forget saved him hours of work.

Peter finally found a solution to get rid of stubborn green and black stains on the exterior of his home.

“It was easy to put on. Very easy to put on with a sprayer…you have to try it to realize what it really does. It’s great stuff.” -Peter C.

Which Wet & Forget Product Should I Use?

All three Wet & Forget Outdoor products can be used on lichen. When applying to lichen specifically, we recommend spraying Wet & Forget on once to the surface, waiting 15 minutes, then spraying it one more time to get into the second layer of the lichen.

Wet & Forget Hose End is perfect to use for large surfaces or high areas such as roofing or siding. Wet & Forget Concentrate is ideal to use for precise applications on surfaces such as sidewalks and retaining walls.

Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use is great for small-scale applications on surfaces such as planters or a window ledge.

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